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7 - East/SE Asia

East/SE Asia 7th grade

Most fertile land in China North China Plain
Most people in China live in this direction of the country East
North & South Korea are divided because they have different Governments
Japan, Singapore, and South Korea are called Asian Tigers because they have strong ____________ Economies
Laos, Vietnam, China, & North Korea all have this form of government Communist
The most common religion in this region is Buddhism
The climate of China is best described as Seasonal
The climate of Southeast Asia is best described as Tropical
This mountain range forms a barrier between India & China Himalayas
Plate movement that makes the ground shake is called this type of natural disaster Earthquake
A piece of land with water on 3 sides Peninsula
A group of islands is called an Archipelago
A natural disaster caused in the ocean after an earthquake Tsunami
A natural disaster caused when molten lava explodes from a mountain Volcano
The capital city of China Beijing
The capital city of Japan Tokyo
Large city in China. Major trade & manufacturing center that was controlled by England until 2001. Hong Kong
Asian country with highest population in the world (1.38 billion) China
Due to the mountains and small islands that make up this country, it has a very high population density Japan
An area that receives 80+ inches of rain a year and has lots of vegetation. Warm & humid. Rainforest
This food is eaten by many people in Asia. It is also a major crop grown in this region. Rice
Literacy and life expectancy would both be described as high or low High
Which has a government more like the United States: North Korea or South Korea South Korea
This man was a philosopher from ancient China. Many follow his ideas still today like the Golden Rule Confucius
Nickname for this region because of all the earthquakes and volcanoes Ring of Fire
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