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ATS-History 6

1st Semester Test

Know all the different regions in the U.S. & their physical characteristics
Define Natural Resources & give an example of what American Indian cultures got from them. comes straight from nature -rabbit (food) -creeks (to water their animals) -oak tree (to build shelter)
Define Capital Resources & give an example of what American Indian cultures got from them. when 1 good/service helps in producing another good/service -bow & arrow -fishing pole -house
Where did the Inuits live? -flat & hilly land -snow, ice & temperatures below 32 degrees most of the time -occupied
Where did the Iroquois live? -Eastern woodland -thick forest -4 different seasons -mild climate
Where did the Lakota live? open grassland on the Great Plains -usually dry weather
Where did the Kwakiutl live? -Pacific northwest -mild climate -lived in high, cliff areas that were rocky -lots of rain
Where did the Pueblos live? mountainous areas of the desert -hot...dry -lived in the cliffs -SW
Define Human Resources & give an example of what American Indian cultures got from them. When a human produces a good/service -hunting -farming -gathering wild berries
Know your continents & where they are on an atlas Ex. Europe N/A
What was discovered by scientists at Cactus Hill? artifacts....they proved to the scientists that humans had lived there as long as 18,000 years earlier
Define tributary
Define plateau
Define lake
Define gulf/bay
What were free African Americans allowed to do? -own land -work for money -be able to spend their money as they wanted to
What is interdependence? With two or more people depend on each other for services or goods
Competition for trade; differences in culture; the spread of diseases were areas of conflict between who? American Indians & Explorers.
Accomplishments of exchanging goods & ideas and improving navigational tools were due to -American settlers -European exploration -obstacles that American Indians had to overcome European exploration
How were the English helped with their settlements by the American Indians? They taught them different farming techniques
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