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The Constitution

Powers not directly stated in the Constitution are called Implied Powers
35 years old, born in the US and lived in the country for 14 years are requirements for? President
What are the first three words to the Constitution? We the People
6 year term and at least 30 years old? Senator
Enumerated powers are? Powers given specifically to Congress
Reserved powers are powers that belong to the states alone
Veto power checks the power of Congress
The Bill of Rights were introduced to protect? Individual Rights
For an amendment to be ratified, it must be approved by what fraction of the states? 3/4ths
The system that maintains the balance of power is called checks and balances
What determines the number of seats each state has in the House of Representatives? population
How many articles are in the Constitution? Seven
The Executive Branch is discussed in great detail in Article ? Of the Constitution? Article II
What branch of the government does Article I of the Constitution discuss? Legislative Branch
Term length of a Representative in the House of Representatives Two years
Life is the term length for a Supreme Court Justice
Term length for the President 4 years
The goals of the Constitution are found in The Preamble
You can find information about the establishment of the courts in what Article of the Constitution? Article III
The 7 Principles found in the Constitution are.. Balance of Power, Federalism, Individual Rights, Limited Government, Popular Sovereignty, Republicanism Separation of Powers
For an amendment to pass the proposal stage, the fraction needed is 2/3rds
Number of amendments in the Constitution 27
This branch makes the laws? Legislative
The Judicial branch _________ laws interprets
Which branch carries out/enforces laws? Executive
9 Number of Justices on the Supreme Court
American territories, states, and military bases around the World US Soil
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