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SS Southwest region

What is a mesa? Flat topped hills
What is a desert? Dry land with little rain
What is a canyon? Deep narrow valley with steep sides
What helped people adapt to the Southwest's hot, dry climate? Air conditioning, Aquaducts and automobiles Navajo learned how to grow corn and raise sheep with little rain
Give 2 main reasons why dams are built on rivers... 1) Control Flooding 2) Store water
The Alamo is a memorial to what? 188 Texas freedom fighters died defending it so Texas might be free. They fought against the Mexican army. The Mexican army killed all of them.
Capital of Texas Austin
Capital of Arizona Phoenix
Capital of New Mexico Santa Fe
Capital of Oklahoma Oklahoma City
The governor of Michigan leads what branch? Executive Branch
According to this chapter, which place would I visit in the Southwest? New Mexico so I could see the caves of Carlsbad Caverns and see all of the bats fly out at night.
Which is the smallest state in the southwest region? Oklahoma
Which state has the most forest? New Mexico
Which state goes by the nickname the "Sooner State"? Oklahoma
Who was a "sooner"? A person who went ahead of the land rush in Oklahoma and entered the area "sooner" than the government allowed.
Name 3 places you visited in the Southwest? Carlsbad Caverns (New Mexico) Grand Canyon (Arizona) Hoover Dam (Arizona and Nevada)
Why should someone visit Carlsbad Caverns? Its an underground park! Its full of more than 85 caves. At sunset thousands of bats fly out. Some of the rooms are bigger than 14 football fields!
Why should someone visit the Grand Canyon? Its the most famous natural feature in the United States! Its a canyon that is more than 1 mile deep. Its so deep there is different weather at the top and bottom! You can whitewater raft down the river in the middle! Its very beautiful!
Why should someone visit Hoover Dam? Its one of America's greatest man-made structures. When it was built it was the biggest dam in the world. It holds back so much water that if they let all the water out it would flood the entire state of New York with one foot of water!
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