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Chapter 6 SG

LA History

Who was the first to sail from Canada to the mouth of the Mississippi? Robert Cavalier, Sieur de La Salle
Who guided him [the first to sail from Canada to the mouth of the Mississippi] and what was he known as? Henri de Tonti or Iron Hand
Who mapped out the river and claimed all of it's lands for France and was rewarded with ships, supplies, and colonists? La Salle
Where did La Salle land instead of the mouth of the Mississippi? Matagora Bay, TX
Why did La Salle's crew mutiny him and kill him? La Salle wanted to walk back to Canada on foot after wrecking all of his ships
Who established the first French colony in the LA territory? Pierre Le Moyne, Sieur d'Iberville and his younger brother, Jean Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville
Did Iberville and Bienville find the mouth of the Mississippi River and what fort did they establish and where? Yes, they established Fort Maurepas in present-day, Biloxi Mississippi
Who left a letter for La Salle and what was it called? Henri de Tonti and it was called "speaking bark"
When did Iberville die? He died on his way back to the colony with supplies
Was Bienville left in charge once Iberville died? Yes
How did Bienville save the colony from the British? Bienville bluffed and the British captain took the bluff and turned around at English Turn
Who was the first proprietory governor of LA and why? Antoine Crozat, because he loaned money to King Louis XIV
Was Crozat rich and did he want to spend much money on the colony? Yes, no he did not
Who was the governor and how did he offend the Indians? Cadillac was the governor and he did not smoke the calumet and offended them.
Why did Crozat fail afteer 5 years? He did not put money into the colony, recruit colonists, no one in France cared about the colony, and he never made a profit
What fort is in Natchitoches, who commanded it, and found trade with the Spanish? Fort ST. Jean Baptiste, commanded by St. Denis
Who formed the Company of the West, brought back Bienville as governor, and gave Bienville money to design and found New Orleans? John Law
Who had trouble recruiting colonists from France? John Law
Who was brought over to the colony? First he got the Germans to come and they farmed and worked hard. Then prisoners, homeless people, and kidnapped families were sent to LA by people who wanted to collect a finder's fee for colonists.
Why did the Company of the West fail and what was it called? The Company of the West failed when all of the investors tried to get their money back at the same time, it's called the Mississippi Bubble
What is Code Noir? Laws regulating the treatment and conduct of slaves and protecting themas property
What was the Natchez Uprising? The Indians at Fort Rosalie in Natchez attacked when the new governor (Périer) tried to take their sacred lands. The colonists blamed Périer and the colony was turned back over to the king.
What happened during the War with the Chickasaw? Bienville became governor for the last time and was ordered to attack the Chickasaw. The British gave the Chickasaw weapons and the French were unable to defeat them, even with the Choctaw's help
Who was Governor Vaudreuil? He was formal and dignified, but he was able to reduce the Indian threats
Why was he called the "Great Marquis"? He was called "Great Marquis" because he established high society in LA, before he became governor of Canada.
Who became governor after Vaudreuil? Kerlerec
Did he have conflicts with others, if so the who, and what was the effect? Yes, with the commissary commissioner. It slowed down any progress he could have made with the colony
Who were the colonists? French Canadians, woodsmen, convicts, German farmers, slaves, soldiers, nuns, and priests
What made the colony unstable? The lack of women
What was done to settle the problem? Young women were sent to the colony as potential brides for thde men in the colony.
Who cared for these girls and what were they called? Ursuline nuns and they were calleed casket girls
Why were the girls known as casket girls? They carried their belongings in a casket or barrel-like chest.
What was the official religion of the colony and could there be other religions? Roman Catholic and no other religion was allowed
Who provided schools? Nuns and priests
What holidays were celebrated in the colony? Mardi Gras and other church holidays
What did they do for entertainment? People danced, played cards, and gambled.
Where did most colonists live in? They lived in simple log homes.
What was most clothing made from? Imported cloth
What killed most of the colonists and why? Smallpox and yellow fever due to a lack of understanding of the diseases.
What created problems for the colony? Decisions made in France and the lack of enough good colonists
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