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History-Units 1-4

What were the US policies towards Native Americans? The were told they must assimilate, or become more "American", and that they need to move out west.
Describe how advancements in transportation, communication, and electric power affected people and businesses. Things such as the telegram and railroads tracks helped our country expand west as well as make communication faster.
What does imperialism mean? Stronger or larger countries take over smaller or weaker countries
What are the new lands annexed my the US? Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, Philippines, and the Panama Canal
What were Theodore Roosevelt's policies? Speak softly and carry a big stick. Which means negotiate peacefully, but threaten with military.
What circumstances led to the Progressive Movement Circumstances that led to the movement- Big changes in society, -immigration, bigger population- corruption in the US.
What are the lasting reforms of this era? Social Progressivism- Making it better for the people.
What are some of the experiences that immigrants got? Treated poorly, Chinese not wanted, hard to get a job or earn money.
What are some of the experiences that citizens got? "It's our country, get out", Chinese Exclusion Act, They didn't want immigrants.
How did businesses influence politics during the Gilded Age? Businesses has lots of money, therefore people "bought" votes, which led to corruption of the government.
What was the URBAN city life like during the 20's? -Melting pot -Tenements= ghetto, immigrants lived there -Gross streets
What are some of the progressive reforms? -Social Reform=making it better for the people -Workers Reform=reduced the work day -Industrial Reform=simpler manufacturing jobs -Economic Reform=American Socialist Party
What are the four underlying causes of WWI? Imperialism, Alliance System, Militarism, Nationalism
What countries were part of the Allies? US, Italy, Great Britain
What countries were part of the Central Powers? Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey
Definition of League of Nations An alliance system created after WWI to try to create peace. Later turned into the United Nations.
Definition of War Guilt Clause Germany agreeing that they were the cause of the war. Part of the Treaty of Versailles
What are the causes of the Stock Market Crash? Black Tuesday
What were the causes of the Great Depression? The Dust Bowl and the Stock Market Crash
What was Hoover's response the the Stock Market Crash? Let America fix it themselves. Indirect.
What steps did FDR take to provide relief, reform, and recovery? The New Deals, the first "Hundred Days" 15 laws, Banking Act
Who were FDR's critics? priest, doctor, lawyer.
The Brain Trusts were FDR's ____. Supporters
What does the FDIC do? Allows people to trust in their banks. Its insurance for the bank, so if its robbed, you still get your money. Keeps money safe.
Created by: mlangkamp18