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History Chapter 16

arsenal place where guns are stored
border ruffians proslavery bands from Missouri who often battled anti-slavery forces in Kansas
compromise of 1850 let California enter as free divide rest of Mexico Cession into Utah & New Mexico Terri. ended slave trade in D.C. settled border dispute between Texas & New Mexico
dred scott vs. standford an 1857 Supreme Court case that brought into question the federal power over slavery in the territories
free-soiler party bipartisan antislavery party founded in the United States in 1848 to keep slavery out of the western territories
fugitive runaway
fugitive slave act required all citizens to catch runaway slaves
guerrilla warfare the use of hit-and-run tactics
missouri compmise agreement proposed in 1819 by Henry Clay to keep the number of slave states and free states equal
willmont proviso law passed in 1846 that banned slavery in any territories won by the USA from Mexico
popular sovereignty in the mid-1800's a term referring to the idea that each territory should decide for itself whether or not to allow slavery
secede to leave or withdraw
civil war a war between people of the same country
uncle tom's cabin a novel to show the evils of slavery and the injustice of the Fugitive Save Act
kansas-nebraska act an 1854 law that established the territories of Nebraska and Kansas, giving the settlers the right of popular sovereignty to decide on the issue of slavery
lawsuit legal case brought to settle a dispute between a person or group
republican party political party established in the United States in 1854 with the goal of keeping slavery out of the western territories
treason actions against one's country
martyr a person who dies for his or her beliefs
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