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Lesson 11 Native Am

4th Grade Social Studies PA

Migrate to move from one region to another
tribes groups of Native Americans kind of like teams
Ice Age a period of time when Ice covered much of the earth
archeologists people who study the past by digging up old remains of past cultures
Stone Age a prehistoric time when stones were used as tools
Algonquins language spoken by Native American tribes who lived in PA
Iroquois language spoken by Native American tribes who lived in NY and PA
Council people responsible for making laws for their city or borough, also a group of Native American men selected to run their clans
clan Native American family members who live in small villages
From which continent did the Native Americans migrate? Asia
How did Native Americans come to be called Indians? Christopher Columbus was looking for a route to India. When he landed in the Caribbean he thought he was in India and called the people there Indians.
Which is bigger a clan or a tribe? A tribe. Several clans (family groups) make up a tribe.
What was the job of the chief? Settle disagreements and lead the tribe into battle
How many tribes were in the Iroquois League of Nations? 5 Iroquois tribes
Did the tribes have a written language or written laws? The tribes had no written language. All laws were unwritten, but there was a system of justice if people broke one of the unwritten laws.
How many years ago did Native Americans enter North America? 12,000 years ago.
Which tribe had a more organized government, Algonquin or Iroquois? Iroquiois had a more organized government
Which tribe was stronger, Algonquin or Iroquois? Iroquois were a stronger tribe
Who elected the members of the Algonquin council? The women of the tribe.
What did The European settlers call the Lenni Lenape? Another name for the Lenni Lenape is the "Delawares"
What language did the Monongahelas speak? The language they spoke is unknown
What language did the Lenni Lenape speak? They spoke the Algonquin language
What language did the Susquehannocks speak? They spoke the Iroquois language
What language did the Eries speak? They spoke the Iroquois language
Created by: czeponis