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ATS-History 7

1st Semester Test

Be able to identify which region listed state are located in.... Ex. The state of Washington is located in what region? Pacific
Be able to identify which state is located in a which region.... Ex. Which of these states is located in the Northeast region? Utah Vermont Michigan Texas Vermont
Be able to locate on a map where you would each state.... Ex. Where is the state of Missouri located? next to Illinois
Is the Prime Medidian located on the longitude or latitude line? longitude (0 degrees)
Be able to determine what longitude & latitude a particular area on a map is located at.... Ex.London is located at what coordinates on this map? 51 degrees North, 0 degrees West
Be able to identify which state listed cities are located in.... Ex. Which city would you find in California? Detroit San Francisco Richmond St. Louis San Francisco
T or F In the Great Plains you will find that the land is eroded by wind & water. True
T or F In the Great Plains many dust storms occur. True
The Great Plains is made of flatlands that rise from the east to the west. True
The precipitation levels that The Great Plains receives yearly is a tremendous amount. False
What technological invention was a great help to ranchers not losing their cattle? Barbed wire
Name an invention that allowed the settlers to have more access to water? Windmills because they would pump water up from deep in the ground
Give 3 reasons why steel plows were used in the agreat Plains -broke through easier to the rich soil underneath -as machinery, it was strong and didn't break down easily -helped to make farming an easier thing to do
What city was known as the "steel capital" during the late 1800s? Pittsburgh
T or F The transcontinental railroad made supplies & mail move between areas cheaper & much faster. True
The opportunity to mine gold & silver was what first attracted people to where? The West
After the civil war, what made the most impact to opening up the country to new settlers? the railroad
Which type of person would most likely talk about a reservation? -A rancher -A Native American -A Democrat -A settler A Native American
Why did former slaves move from the east to the west? In order to start a new beginning
What caused the end to the American Indians life on the Plains? -large amounts of buffalo -no jobs available -made to live on reservations -mining They were forced to live on reservations
What did Labor Unions do to get better working conditions? They carried out strikes
Which 2 men were widely known in the oil & steel industries? Mr. Andrew Carnegie and Mr. John D Rockefeller
When Standard Oil Trust controlled almost all or the US oil refining, they became known as a what? A monopoly
Name 2 major inventions (around the 1870s) that really changed life for us Americans? -light bulb -telephone
Name 2 industries that had increased growth due to the railroad. -Wood -Coal
What did Thomas Edison invent? lightbulb
The assembly line improved this industry significantly. Name that industry. automotive
Name 3 things/ways that helped businesses & industry grow 1)availability of bank loans to start up the businesses 2)new inventions 3)access to raw materials & energy
America became a nation of cities following the _____ war due to the growth of industry. civil
T/F The opportunity to travel was a reason for immigration? False
Problems that existed in cities were; -Tenements -Political machines and -???what??? Disease & unsanitary conditions
W.E.Dubois was associated with what; Imperialism or Nationalism? Nationalism
The song, "Over There", written by Geirge Cohon is an example of what? -Segregation -Imperialism -Nationalisn -Racism Nationalism
Name 3 suffragists Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Staton & Susan B Anthony
Where are tenements found? In crowded city slums
Why were the YMCA, YWCA, Hull House and the Salvation Army created? They were to help out the poor who were in the city
Did Americans have to worry about there NOT being enough immigrants arriving to America? No
Yes or No Were people attracted to cities because they were clean & disease-free? No
Yes or No Were people attracted to cities because they offereed opportunities at jobs? Yes
Almost every big city had an area that had a large population of chinse immigrants. What is this area called? Chinatown
In the late 1800s, the newer immigrants came from Germany, Greece and Italy. What was the part of Europe that they came from? East & South Europe
Why did many factory owners use children as laborers? Because they could be paid less than an adult was paid, which saved the owners money.
Name the amendment that gave the right to vote to women. 19th
During what war was the battleship Maine sunk? Spanish American War
Yellow journalism was used to do what? Increase the sale of newspapers
Which 3 of these territories did the U.S. obtain after the Spanish-War? -Phillipines -Guam -Canary Islands -Puerto Rico -Phillipines -Guam -Puerto Rico
Yes or No Was the Revolution in Panama a cause of the Spanish-American War? No
Why was it so important to build the Panama Canal? Because it would make it a faster route between the 2 oceans (Pacific & Atlantic)
Was the United States a neutral nation at the beginning of the war? Yes
What was the name of the ship that was sunk which led the U.S. to enter WWI? The Lusitania
T or F The German's submarine warfare was one of the reason that the US entered into WWI T
Which country did the Treaty of Versailles punish by making them pay for reparations? Germany
Why did alot of Americans oppose joining the League of Nations? Because they were afraid that it would lead to the US to become more involved in future wars in Europe.
Name the country that received the most blame for WWI? Switzerland
Who was the neutral country during WWI? Switzerland
What was the Jim Crow law about? A law that was established to separate the white and black races in the American South.
During the 18th Amendment, what was the time period known as: -Imperialism -Prohibition -Civil Rights -Enslavement Era Prohibition
Which amendment did the 21st Amendment repeal? The 18th
The responsibility for the Freedman's Bureau was to help African Americans with what? Get an education and find a job
A president had promised to remove supervising troops from the south which resulted in him being elected. What was the promise known as? Comprimise
T or F Robert E Lee asked to help southerners reconcile & reunite with the slaves. False He was asked to help reunite the the southerners with the...north.
Created by: glink
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