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Age of Jackson


Second Party System Whigs/Democrats replace Federalists/Democratic-Republicans
Albany Regency The first American political machine offering spoils to the victorious party
Alexis de Tocqueville wrote that some Americans were "more equal than others"
Andrew Jackson utilized the Kitchen Cabinet and *Spoil System*
Aroostook Valley site of border war between British lumberjacks and US potato farmers
Black Hawk led futile attempt to reclaim land in Illinois
Canal building boom of the 1830s, this transportation innovation financed by state governments
Charles Finney greatest revivalist of the 2nd Great Awakening
Cherokee allowed to stay in Georgia according to one branch but not another of the federal government
Chickasaw among the most reluctant of the tribes to relocate to Oklahoma
Corrupt Bargain Clay and Adams versus Jackson in the House
Cyrus McCormick mechanized harvesting in the Midwest
De Facto segregation found in the North
Dorothea Dix reformer who advocated a change in how the insane were treated
Elijah Lovejoy martyred abolitionist
Five Points district in NYC that had the most infamous antebellum immigrant slum
Henry Clay when the Maysville Road was vetoed, this Great Compromiser into the Whig party
Hinton Helper wrote that slavery was not a positive good for poor whites at all
Horace Mann father of American public education
Hudson River School landscape painters in New York
Jedidiah Smith the most famous of the rugged guides through the frontier
John Calhoun rebuked the Tariff of 1828 using SC Exposition
John Q. Adams only former president to join the US Congress after administration
Joseph Smith founder of the Church of the Latter Day Saints
Josiah Holbrook started adult education through lyceum movement
Martin Van Buren president immediately after Andrew Jackson
Monroe Doctrine told Europe that America was closed to further coloization
New York the western portion was the cauldron of the 2nd Great Awakening
Nicholas Biddle by trying to stay "above politics" he alienated himself from Jackson
Peggy Eaton tore the Jackson cabinet apart
Pet Banks state banks that were loyal to the Democratic Party
Preemption allowed squatters to claim western lands if eastern states were compensated
Sam Houston hero of the Texas "war for independence"
Samuel Colt developed the revolver
Spatial mobility the kind of movement created by the transportation/market revolution
Temperance movement dominated by women who wanted lower class men to limit imbibing
the "necessary evil" the issue that became more and more sectionalized
Willamette Valley goal of the Oregon Trail
Winfield Scott commander of the US Army responsible for maintaining the Trail of Tears
Women were "given" moral authority in the home under the separate spheres doctrine
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