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ATS-History 7

WWI Test

Define Alliance System Allied countries support each other in war Ex: When Germany invaded Belgium on its way to France, England entered the war to defend Belgium.
Define Militarism Policy of building up one's armed forces & weapons to prepare for war
Define Isolationism Having little or no interaction with foreign countries
?? Define Nationalism ?? People with a common language & culture who want to form their own countries This is what was done during WWI in an attempt to get their countries independence from other countries
Define Imperialism Nations seek new materials & markets. Many compete for power in the same area
Define Reparations Payments of $money$ and property from Germany to other countries
Define Blockade An effort to cut off food, supplies, etc to the enemy (with a wall of ships during WWI)
Define Neutral Not taking part in a war or giving aid to tose in war unless its equal
Define Assassination murder of an important person, like a President or someone of royalty or leadership
Define Propaganda communication aimed at changing peoples opinions to support a cause (ex. war posters like Uncle Sam saying "I want you"
Define Selective Service The Draft This was a way for the government to ensure that they had enough soldiers
The immediate casuse of WWI was when what happened? Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife (heir to Austria-Hungary's throne) were killed in Serbia by the terrorist group "The Black Hand"
Name 4 reasons why the U.S. would eventually get involved in WWI 1) Political & economical ties to Great Britain 2)Inability to remain neutral 3) Zimmerman Telegram (1917) 4)Sinking of the Luistania (1915) and German u-boat warfare
How did the U.S. make a profit during WWI, as a neutral country? Selling & trading food, weapons and other supplies to those at war
What were some of the ways that women helped the war effort while the boys were "over there" -worked in factories replacing the men -rationed food at home -made Victory Gardens -nursing -volunteering
During WWI, Americans mostly fought where? -on the Western Front -on the Eastern Front -from the sea -from the air Western Front
What allied country had to leave the war due to a revolution that killed the tsar and his family? Russia (Russian Revolution)
What treaty was signed that ended the war with Germany on the Eastern Front? Treaty of Brest-Litousk
What was the reaction to the Treaty of Brest-Litousk by the rest of the allies? It made the allies feel like they had been abandoned & betrayed
What treaty ended WWI? The Treaty of Versailles
The Western Front was full of these areas.They basically created a stalemate between the 2 sides. What were these areas? trenches (Trench warfare)
Name a minimum of 4 Allies 1) Great Britain (England) 2) Serbia 3) Russia 4) Belgium 5) France 6) Italy.....and soon the U.S.
Name 4 of the Central Powers 1) Germany 20 Austria-Hungary 3) Otoman Empire (Turkey) 4) Bulgaria
Name 3 neutral countries at the start of WWI U.S.A; Switzerland; Belgium
The Black Hand was a terrorist group from what country? Serbia
The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand & his wife angered what country (enough for them to start a war)? Austria-Hungary
What was the invention that the Germans were using to combat the powerful British navy? The U-boat (these were underwater boats/submarines)
What were some of the problems that soldiers had to deal with in and around the trenches? Rats, lice, disease, trench foot, dying in "no man's land" from wounds
What was the name of the famous oceanliner for vacations that was sunk? Lusitania
Who sunk the Lusitiana? Germany, with their U-boats/submarines
One of the most patriotic songs of the WWI era was written, & sung, by George Cohan. It was his attempt to get the soldiers excited about going to the war and feeling like it was the right thing to do. Name that song "Over There"
What are Liberty Bonds? This was created as a way for the government to get $money$ from the U.S. citizens to help pay for the war.
Who was elected president just as WWI was starting because his campaign promise was "to keep us out of war" Woodrow Wilson
Name the war tactic that was believed to be an inhumane way of fighting because of unnecessary suffering Gas warfare (ex. mustard gas)
Germany offered a diplomatic proposal to what country to join an alliance with them in the event of the United States entering World War I against Germany. Mexico
Name some things that were done on the homefront to try to help the soldiers win -collection of money like Liberty Bonds -more factory work -rationing of food, gas, cotton, etc -wheatless Mondays -meatless Tuesdays
Who was the country that the U.S. was connected to economically and politically? Great Britain
What invention (created in the old Great plains) was found in the middle of "no man's land"? barbed wire
What were the 14 points supposed to be? President Wilson's peace plan for the world after WWI is over
Created by: glink
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