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chapter 2 lesson 2

chapter 2 lesson 2 civilization of Mesopotamia

what did reservoirs do? stored remaimimg floodwater
technology: the skills and knowledge to make products or meet goals
what else did Sumarians invent the wheel and sailboat
how did they make the wheelr by attatching boards together and rounding them off then they conered the rims with pieces of copperr
what were the largest buildings in Sumer and what does this mean ziggurat: huge mud-brick temple
how did builders construct ziggurats in layers each one smaller than the one below it
what was on top of the ziggurat a shrine for the city's special gods
did sumarians believ in one god or many many
government: and organized system that groups use to makes laws and decisions
city-state: includedand a city and the farmlands around it
what does each city state have its own leader and government
in the early days what was the gavernment run by early days: small group of leaders and a chief who wasd chosen by that group
what was the new kind of government and what does it mean monarchy: in which one person has complete authority or right to rule in peacetime and lead soldiers in wartime
the rulers ruled over every part of Sumarian life including what religion agriculture and building plans
how did the sumarians believe their rulers were selected by their gods
who was Gilamash a king who ruled over the ancient Sumarian city-state Uruk between 2700 BC-2500 BC
how many parts man was Gilamash and how many parts god 1/3 man and 2/3 god
why was the economy so good around 3000 bc because of success of agriculture
surplus: extra supply
what did this lead to a division of labor
merchants people who buy and sell goods to make a living
over time what dis ancient sumerian society mcame divided into __________________ what does this mean social classes: groups with different levels of importance
what was the highest social class king priests and other important leaders and their families
what was the social ranking probably ranked on the amount of property owned or a familys standing in the community
scribe: a person who wrote things for others
who made up the lowest class slaves
who were most slaves prisoners of war others ware enslaved as punishments for crimes or to pay of debts
innovations: new ways of doing things
what led to the iku the need to mark boundaries for farming
what led to the quart the need to messure wheat and barley harvests
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