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Principles of Const

Principles of Constitution

What lists the 6 goals of the Constitution? Preamble
Power divided between the state and national government is known as? federalism
Power of one level of government divided among 3 branches, each with their own responsibilities? separation of powers
Which principle describes the ability of one branch to limit the powers of the other two? checks and balances
What are 3 ways to adapt the government to change with the times? Amendments, Elastic Clause, Judicial Review
Which level of government has the power to declare war, maintain the military, set up post offices....? The national government (enumerated powers)
Which level of government has power over things that do not affect the entire nation, such as marriage, divorce, local schools, state trade...? States (reserved powers)
Which level of government has the power to tax, borrow money, hold elections...? Both (concurrent)
Which constitutional provision divides power into 3 branches, each with its own responsibilities as a way of limiting government? Separation of Powers
Which branch passes laws? Legislative
Which branch interprets laws? Judicial
Which branch enforces laws? Executive
The president can veto a law passed by Congress. This is an example of? Checks and balances
Congress can override a presidential veto. This is an example of? Checks and balances
Who (as a check on the judicial branch) appoints Supreme court judges? President, with Congressional approval
How is a life-time term of the Supreme court judges a "check" on the president? The president cannot fire, or decrease the salary of a judge, for political reasons. This solves a grievance of the Declaration.
The power of the Supreme Court to declare laws unconstitutional is known as? Judicial review, which is a check on the other two branches
What allows the Constitution to be changed when necessary (although is too difficult to be taken advantage of) The Amendment process
Two-thirds of both houses, or a Congressional convention called by petition of 2/3 of the states is a way to ... Propose (or suggest) an amendment
What fraction of states (either legislatures or through special conventions with elected delegates) must vote to RATIFY an amendment? 3/4
what five things does the first amendment protect? 1. speech 2. press 3. assembly 4. petition 5. religion
What is Judicial Review? the power of the Supreme Court to review laws, and declare them unconstitutional
Which article of the Constitution establishes the Judicial Branch? III
Which article of the Constitution establishes the Legislative Branch? I
Which article of the Constitution establishes the Executive branch II
What type of government has elected representatives to do the will of the people? Republicanism
government must follow the rule of law limited government
Final authority rests with the people; consent of the governed popular sovereignty
Powers are shared among the states and national government federalism
What limits the power of the national government? The Constitution
One grievance in the Declaration was that King George III (Executive) taxed the colonists unfairly. This constitution solves this by giving the taxing power to.... Congress, a GROUP of elected representatives (not one person)
What is added to the Constitution to protect liberties and ensure the Anti-Federalists voted to ratify the Constitution? amendments, such as the Bill of Rights
the president can write treaties with the ADVICE and CONSENT of the Senate. This is an example of .... checks and balances
Who would have argued that the federal government was prevented from abusing power by the way is was designed in the Constitution The Federalists, or supporters of the new constitution
Why did the framers created three separate branches of government? to prevent the abuse of power by one branch
A person pays both state and federal income tax. This is an example of... or Texas requires school for 180 days federalism
If the senate approves a presidential treaty, this is an example of checks and balances
Which part of the government is MOST representative of the people? A census is taken every 10 years to determine how many members each state will be awarded The House of Representatives
What does the 10th amendment guarantee? Powers not granted to the national government are reserved for the states (federalism)
The "Necessary and Proper clause" is also known as what because it lets Congress take on NEW powers to help carry out its listed powers. Elastic Clause
Which principle compares laws and actions and judges their legality based on the Constitution? Judicial Review
What is a check that the Execute branch has over Congress? veto laws Congress passed
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