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World War II

Mrs. Gordon's American History Class

The Japanese general who became prime minister and was not afraid of attacking the U.S. Tojo
The leader of the allied forces for the North Africa campaign Eisenhower
The emperor of Japan Hirohito
American citizens whose parents are from Japan Nisei
He lost his Supreme Court case challenging Japanese internment Korematsu
The "fuhrer" of the "third Reich" Hitler
The leader of Italy Mussolini
The leader of the Soviet Union Stalin
The fascist dictator who won the Spanish civil war Franco
The Prime Minister of England who practiced appeasement Chamberlain
The "Riveter" propaganda to encourage women to work for war industries Rosie
The leader of Allied land forces in the Philippines and Pacific; he also occupied Japan at the end of the war. MacArthur
The U.S. president who made the decision to use the Atomic bomb Truman
The leading scientist in developing the atomic bomb Oppenheimer
The German "desert fox" who fought against the allies in North Africa Rommel
The Admiral in charge of the U.S. Pacific fleet Nimitz
The President of the United States who wanted to get involved in WWII Roosevelt
This bill provided education and training for returning war veterans G.I. Bill of Rights
The genocide of millions of "untermenschen" such as Jews, Gypsies, handicapped, homosexuals, and communistes Holocaust
As the "arsenal of democracy, the U.S. would loan weapons to countries fighting against Hitler Lend-Lease Act
Navajo indians used their language to communicate secret war plans for the U.S. in the Pacific codetalkers
A political and economic system where there is a strong central government that owns all property and businesses communism
The U.S. said they would NOT trade with any countries at war. Neutrality Acts
A political system with a strong central government led by a powerful dictator fascism
Japanese pilots who would crash their planes during battle kamikaze
An all-black pilot unit who fought against the luftwaffe with few losses Tuskegee Airmen
The policy of letting Hitler have his territorial demands in hopes of keeping the peace appeasement
This highest decorated unit of WWII was made up entirely of Japanese citizens 442nd
An agreement between Hitler and Stalin to share Poland nonaggression pact
The organization of scientists who developed the atomic bomb Manhattan Project
A political system with an emphasis on extreme nationalism and racism nazism
Hitler's biography Mein Kampf
This international peacekeeping body is based on the principles of the Atlantic Charter UN
June 6, 1944 D-Day
December 7, 1941 Attack on Pearl Harbor
What city was the trial for war crimes against Nazi leaders? Nuremberg
The firebombing of this city killed about as many people as an atomic weapon, and was much more destructive Tokyo
After they won the battle for this island, the allies were shocked to see civilians commit sucide Okinawa
The Enola Gay dropped the bomb called "Little Boy" on this city Hiroshima
The battle for this city was the turning point at the Eastern front Stalingrad
Italy invaded this African country and nobody reacted Ethiopia
The defensive battle at this island was important because it stopped the Japanese from advancing to Hawaii Midway
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