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Ch 8-9 Quiz


what was the significance of the second election it ended in a tie
how was a tie decided for presidency the house of representatives
who influenced the house of representatives alexander hamilton
who was adam's vice president thomas jefferson
what was unique about admas and jeffersons being the president and the vice president they represent two different parties
who won the election of 1796 john adams
what is the alien act gave the president the power to imprison or deport any foreign believed to be dangerous to US
what is the sedition act made it a crime to criticize the government or the war
what was the quasi war a result of the XYZ affair
what kind of war was the quasi war undeclared naval war in carribbean
what was the XYZ affair US sent negotiating team to France and French refused to pay, the agents were known as XYZ
why did marbury sue jefferson he felt he was unrightly fired from his job
what was the background to louisiana purchase US sent negotiators to France to get money to buy Louisiana
how much money did the US get from France they got two million and bought it for 15 million
what was Jefferson's problem with buying LA was unconstitutional and took to long to amend the constitution
what was the significance of the LA purchase doubled size of america and was also Thomas Jefferson's first foreign achievement
Created by: 76er Historian