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immigrate to enter INTO another country, usually permanently
emigrate to EXIT a country
immigrant a person who enters INTO another country, usually permanently
emigrant a person who EXITS a country
push/pull factors forces that push a person out of a country and pull a person into another country
political dealing with government/politics
economic dealing with resources ($)
social dealing with how people interact with each other and their environment
famine widespread scarcity of food, resulting in starvation and death
"Old" Immigrants immigrants who arrived in America before 1900 from Northern and Western Europe (Germans, Irish, Scandinavians)
"New" Immigrants immigrants who came to America after 1900 from Southern and Eastern Europe (Italians, Polish, Jewish)
assimilation the process of "blending" in to a new culture; taking on a country's language and culture
steerage lower level of passenger ships, where immigrants often traveled to America
nativist a native-born American who wants to eliminate foreign influence
Know-Nothing Party political party that expressed nativist views
prejudice a negative opinion that is not based on facts
melting pot many cultures living together and blending into one
salad bowl many cultures living together and NOT blending into one
Ellis Island processing center for immigrants on the East Coast
Angel Island processing center for immigrants on the West Coast
Statue of Liberty symbol of hope and freedom for arriving immigrants
Chinese Exclusion Act law that banned Chinese immigration for ten years
Created by: Mrs.Rizzo