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1920's Vocab

1920's Vocab- Kay's mom

19th Amendment In 1919, was ratified to the Constitution. Women had the right to vote.
Al Capone The gang leader in Chicago. Ran the underground alcohol trade in the city.
Amelia Earhart The aviator was the first to fly solo Hawaii to California. the plane went down in the Pacific Ocean as the pilot attempted to fly solo around the world.
Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey American sports starts who became national heroes during the 1920's.
Boot Legging The act of illegally bringing alcohol in the US from Mexico and Canada.
Calvin Coolidge President from 1923-29, conservative, known as honest.
Charles Lindberg The aviator (pilot) was the first one to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
Flapper The fashion icon of the 20's. Women wore short dresses, drank and smoked in public, danced, bobbed haircuts.
Franklin Roosevelt Elected president in 1923. Wanted to get the country back on track.
Harlem Renaissance The rise of the distinctly black voice in art and literature in Harlem.
Henry Ford The first to affordably mass produce cars using an assembly line.
Herbert Hoover Republican , President 1929-1932, slightly more progressive than Harding or Coolidge.
Jazz Age/ Roaring 20's The 1920's decade known for the new social boundaries and opulence. Age of contradictions.
Langston Hughes Author apart of the Harlem Renaissance.
Mass Production Large amounts of items produced during the 20's.
Model-T The iconic American car of the 1920's made by Ford
Racism The belief that one race is better than another, particularly between whites and blacks.
Radio This invention became popular in household in the 20's. Main source of entertainment and news.
Speakeasies Underground bars that helped promote jazz music and musicians.
Volsted Act This act gave the government power to enforce the 18th amendment (prohibition).
Warren G. Harding President from 1921-1923 ran on the platform "return to normalcy," known as corrupt.
Woodrow Wilson President 1913-1921, ran on the platform "he kept us out of WWI" and lead during the progressive movement.
Watches, Vacuum, Dish washers, cigarette lighters, refrigeration, telephones, personal cameras New innovations of 1920's. They changed the way of life.
Created by: dreekaowens
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