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unit 7

mrs t's the age of jackson

in what year did the United States purchase the Louisiana Territory? 1803
what issue during the Jackson Era led to a dispute between the two main political parties? the National Bank
what famous battle during the War of 1812 helped Andrew Jackson become a national hero? The Battle of New Orleans
President Andrew Jackson's veto of the bill renewing the charter for the 2nd National Bank is an example of what constitutional principle? Checks and balances
What main issue led President Jackson to defy the ruling of the Supreme Court? The Worcester v. Georgia (status of the Cherokee Indians)
What was the contributing factor that led to both the Nullification Crisis, and the eventual secession of the Southern States? Protection of State's Rights
Why did the Northern States favor not only tariffs, but high tariffs during the early 1800's? A tariff would increase the demand for American made priducts
Define the term policy strategy, course of action, guide or a plan
This Founding Father was a strong Federalist, was the first Treasury Secretary, and established the national banking system? Alexander Hamilton
Which political party was a huge supporter of Andrew Jackson's 1828 Presidential Campaign? Democratic Party
The passage of the Indian Removal Act led the the famous event that the Cherokee Indians were forced to go through? Trail of Tears
Andrew Jackson's election the the Presidency in 1828 was seen as a victory for? The Common Man
What was President Jackson's response to the Supreme Court'f decision that protected the rights and lands of the Cherokee Indians? He ignored it
What was the Cherokee Indians response to the Indian Removal Act passed by Congress? They sued for their rights in the Federal Court System (Supreme Court)
What was Jackson's reasoning (why did he do it) for the Indian Removal Act? He anted to reduce the conflict between the settlers and the Native Americans
List the three major issues that occurred during the Jackson Presidency? 1. Indian Removal Policy 2. Nullification Crisis 3. The 2nd Bank of the United States
What were Andrew Jackson's reasons for his refusal to re-charter the 2nd Bank of the United States? The bank had too much power over the economy, and favored the wealthy over the poor.
Why is Andrew Jackson election to the Presidency in 1828 considered a major shift in American politics? Took power away from the elites
What factors helped Andrew Jackson win the Presidential election of 1828 (list three)? 1. His victory at the Battle of New Orleans 2. His upbringing and childhood 3. Voting restrictions were reduced
What was Henry Clay's role during the Nullification Crisis? He came up with a compromise tariff
What was the significance of the Supreme Court's decision in the Gibbons v. Ogden case? That only the national government (Congress) could regulate interstate commerce
Put these events in chronological order 1. Trail of Tears 2. South Carolina nullifies tariffs 3. John Quincy Adams elected president 4. First election of Andrew Jackson as President 1. John Quincy Adams elected president 2. First election of Andrew Jackson as President 3. South Carolina nullifies tariffs 4. Trail of Tears
What is the definition of States' Rights? Theory that said that states has the right to judge when the federal government has passed an unconstitutional law.
Created by: stallarita
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