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Unit 4 Part 2

Part B of Unit 4

What was the agreement that Missouri would come in as a slave state and Maine would come in as a free state while the bottom border of 36 30 latitude of Missouri area above would be free except for the area of Missouri in the Louisiana Purchase? Missouri Compromise
Who made it? Henry Clay
What caused the great increase population in the North and Northeast? Immigration especially from Ireland and Germany
What was the most important economic force or influence in the North? Manufacturing or Factories with shipping helping this.
What was the reason that factories developed in the North? Fast moving rivers, Shipping industry strong and hard rocky soil didn't allow for a lot of farming.
Textile factories in the North needed what from the South? Cotton
What was a farming unit with slaves, run by wealthy, and main purpose was to grow cotton? Plantation system
What was the cotton gin and who invented it? A machine that cleaned cotton invented by Eli Whitney.
What was the number one export of America? Cotton was King in the South
What was the workforce for the South and North? Slaves for the South and Immigrants for the North
Who killed 55 whites and plantation owners and people in the South? Nat Turner
Who was the escaped slave and a famous conductor who made 300 trips into the South? Harriet Tubman
What was the name of the escape route for the slaves to the North called? Underground Railroad
What was the name of the group movement that wished to get rid of slavery? Abolitionists Movement
What was the name of the ex-slave who was a poet that also worked in benefit for the women's right movement? Sojourner Truth
Who was the escaped slave that became a leading speaker for ablolitonist for the men and also known as the Martin Luther King Jr of the pre-civil war days? Frederick Douglass
Who was the white aboltionist who published the Liberator newspaper fighting against slavery and also helping ex-slaves get to Liberia? William Lloyd Garrison
What was the religious movement that inspired reform in various ways against slavery and the fight for rights of women? Second Great Awakening
What was the movement by women to get the vote called? Women's suffrage movement
Who is known to have contributed and help get the vote for women? Susan B. Anthony
Who were the leaders of the Seneca Falls Convention? Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott.
What were the things women wanted at the Seneca Falls Convention? Education, marriage and property rights, the most controversial voting rights or suffrage
What was the document that accused men of denying women their rights and patterned after another famous document? Declaration of Sentiments and Emotions and it is like the DOI.
What was the main event that caused the war with Mexico? The Annexation of Texas in America as a slave state.
What was the result of the Mexican War? Southern half of the Western United States gave America, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona.
What did the Gadsden Purchase give America? A small strip of land to finish the Transcontinental Railroad for ten million dollars.
Why did settlers go Oregon? For fertile land.
Why did settlers go to California? For the possibility of finding gold. 49ers.
What was the belief called when people though it was America's destiny from owning land on Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean? Manifest Destiney
What was the movement of people called from the East to the WEst? Westward Expansion
Who lost land as a result of Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion? Native Americans continued to lose land.
Everytime new land was gained for new states what happened with the South? They wanted new territories or states to expand slavery on.
Who coined Manifest Destiny? John O' Sullivan
What was 54 40 or Fight? This was the phrase America said to Great Britain to make them compromise and giving America the parrallel of 49.
Created by: CentralHistory
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