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Social Studies

What event caused Congress to declare war on Spain in 1898? the destruction of the battleship Maine
What is one of the places did the USA gain control of after winning the Spanish-American war? the Philippines
What did Theodore Roosevelt accomplish as President? building the Panama Canal
What is present in a work of fiction that is not present in a documentary? made-up details or people
What are Wilbur and Orville Wright known for? building a machine in which people could fly
How did the spread of electricity in the early 1900s change American life? it shortened the time it took to do household chores
What did the Seventeenth Amendment to the United States Constitution accomplish? allowed voters to elect United States senators directly
What did Governor La Follette do to improve workplace conditions? supported laws limiting the workday to ten hours
What did Henry Ford do to make his cars less expensive? he built cars on the assembly line
Why was the National Urban League formed in 1910? to create parks in the middle of city neighborhoods
Who was well-known for being a progressive? Robert M. La Follett
Who was famous for Aviation? Wilbur Wright
Who was well-known for civil rights? W.E.B. DuBois
Who was well-known for an armistice? William McKinley
Who is well-known for yellow journalism? Joseph Pulitzer
What is one reason many Americans did NOT support war against Spain in 189? convinced people that he USA could take all of Spain's gold
What two lands gained from Spain in the Spanish-American War remains part of the USA today? Guam and Puerto Rico
What was one reason the building of the Panama Canal important to travel and trade? made the trip from the Atlantic and Pacific shorter
What is NOT one reason the development of farm machinery caused cities to grow? many farmers left their farmers and joined the military
How did President Roosevelt's desire to make food and medicines safe affect like in the USA? set safety standards for foods and medicines sold in the USA
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