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Westward Expansion

Words important in the understanding of westward expansion.

Chinese Laborers An Asian group brought to America to help build the Transcontinental Railroad. Worked for very low wages in a job that was often perilous.
Irish Laborers Immigrants who came to America from Ireland due to the Potato Famine in their land.
Protectionism Wanting to protect your job and way of life without interference from immigrants.
Nativism Those with racist feeling for others groups or nationalities. Feeling that your culture is superior to others.
Homesteading A national policy, also known as squatting, that permitted people to gain ownership of property by occupying public or unclaimed land, living on it, and making improvements on it.
Buffalo Soldiers Nickname for African-American soldiers who fought in the wars against Native Americans living on the Great Plains during the 1870s.
Trading Posts A store in a thinly settled area where traders exchange goods for local products.
Transcontinental Railroad Railroad connecting the west and east coasts of the continental US.
Trek A long, slow, and difficult journey.
Ellis Island
Angel Island
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