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Colonial Virginia

Colonial Life in Virginia

How did the culture of Virginia reflect beliefs, customs and architecture of Europeans, Africans and American Indians? They built places to live, places to work and places of worship. They built homes, barns and churches.
In what Virginia regions did the English settlers stay? The English settled in Coastal Plain and Piedmont regions.
What is a cash crop? This crop is grown to sell for money, not for use by the grower. Tobacco was the cash crop for Virginia..
How did tobacco change the life in Virginia? (4 ways) 1. Virginia became a big agricultural colony. 2. Tobacco was a source of income for the settlers. 3. In order to grow lots of tobacco many workers were needed. 4. Virginia became dependent on slave labor and that dependence lasted a long time.
Why was the capital moved from Jamestown to Williamsburg? (4 reasons) In Jamestown: 1. drinking water was contaminated with the saltwater 2. dirty living conditions caused diseases 3. fire destroyed buildings In Williamsburg was at a higher elevation
What is barter? the trading of goods and services without the use of money
What is credit? the buying of a good or service now and paying for it later
What is money? a medium of exchange that includes coins and bills (currency)
What is savings? money put away to be used at a later time
What is debt? goods or money owed to another person
What did people use instead of money to "buy" goods? They bartered and they used tobacco
How did the farmers pay their debts? They would "buy" goods on credit and pay when they sold their crops.
Did people use banks to save money? There were NO banks in colonial Virginia.
Food in colonial Virginia Food choices were limited. Meals were made of local produce and meats.
Housing in colonial Virginia Most people lived in one-room houses with dirt floors. Some people (farmers) lived in large houses (plantations)
What is a plantation? a large farm
What is the architectural landscape? buildings people built (homes, barns and churches) usually based on culture
In what regions did the Africans stay? The Africans settled in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont.
In what regions did the Scots-Irish stay? The Scots-Irish settled in the Valley and Ridge region (Shenandoah Valley)
How did the names of places reflect the culture of the people? Places were named by the people who settled there. examples: Roanoke is American Indian, Jamestown and Richmond are English.
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