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SS-Ch. 7

Regions textbook Ch. 7

Who became president in 1832? Andrew Jackson
What was Andrew Jackson's slogan? "The People's President"
What was the biggest issue in this era? slavery
What is an abolitionist? a person who is against slavery
Which famous war hero ran for presidency in 1840 William Henry Harrision
What was his campaign slogan? Tippecanoe and Tyler
What famous book was written in Ohio? Uncle Tom's Cabin
What was the topic of the book? It is about escaped slaves
Which Ohioan wrote the book? Harriet Beecher Stowe
Explain the Underground Railroad It was a series of homes with special hiding places leading to the north where slavery was not allowed.
What was a conductor? They were people who hid slaves making their way north.
Who were Levi and Catherine Coffin? They were conductors
Who was John Parker? He was a freed slave who helped others escape.
Why did the south secede from the U.S. They wanted to keep slavery.
When the south seceded, what was the new name? The Confederate States of America.
What war resulted? The Civil War
Name the two army camps in Ohio during the Civil War. Camp Chase and Camp Dennison
Who was Johnny Clem? He was a 9 year old Ohioan who was a drummer in the war.
Which document was written to free all enslaved people? The Emancipation Proclamation
Who wrote this important document? Abraham Lincoln
Which amendment was added to the U.S. Constitution that abolished slavery? 13th Amendment
Who was Lucy Stone? She was an Ohioan who fought for women's rights.
Who was the first woman to ever run for president? Victoria Claffin Woodhull
Which Ohioan created Standard Oil Company? John D. Rockefeller
What is an ethnic group? People who share the same language and culture.
Which nationality developed "Over the Rhine"? The Germans
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