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Chapter 14 Review

The New Deal

Which New Deal program gave subsidies to farmers to reduce their crop reduction? Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA)
Who was the Kansas governor who ran for president against FDR in 1936? Alfred Landon
Which New Deal program gave jobs to unemployed men doing environmental projects? Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
What is a dole? Government charity
Who was the man who had lots of support from elderly Americans because of his ideas for Social Security? Dr. Francis Townsend
Which New Deal program was headed by Harry Hopkins? Federal Emergency Relief Administration
How much money did the FERA distribute to state and local relief agencies? $500 million
How did Eleanor Roosevelt influence her husband's presidency? Helped to pass child labor laws, gave women more of a voice in politics, made the president more accessible to Americans
Who was the demagogue who had a radio show where he pushed for the nationalization of banks? Father Charles Coughlin
What is the term for the frequent radio addresses FDR gave during his presidency? Fireside chats
Who was FDR's Secretary of Labor who worked for a minimum wage law? Frances Perkins
Who was FDR's Secretary of the Interior who worked to improve race relations? Harold Ickes
Which New Deal program was Harry Hopkins in charge of? Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA)
Who was the senator who launched the "Share Our Wealth" campaign and was later assassinated? Huey P. Long
What was Roosevelt's time of intense legislation called? The Hundred Days
Who was the author of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934? John Collier
What is a moratorium? A temporary shutdown of operations
Within the first two years after this law was passed, union membership increased by one million members. National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)
This group of Americans were among the poorest in the nation during the Depression. Native Americans
Roosevelt wanted to maintain support from Southern whites; therefore, he did not push to abolish this. Poll tax
People who were unemployed for more than three years could apply for this. Public aid
Because of this law, electricity had been extended to 90 percent of all American farms. Rural Electrification Act
Roosevelt worried that this law might lead to more strikes since it strengthened the power of unions. National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)
This law started pension and survivors' benefits for the elderly and the orphaned. Social Security Act
What are three facts about the Southern Tenant Farmers' Union? Went on strike to obtain raises, showed blacks and whites could work together, petitioned the Department of Agriculture
Which law was designed to protect investors from fraud in the stock market? Truth-in-Securities Act
Who was FDR's Secretary of the Treasury who came up with a plan for dealing with the banking crisis? William Woodin
Which New Deal program sponsored a $300,000 project in San Antonio for a walkway along the river? Works Progress Administration (WPA)
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