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7th Ringcard 1-13

2nd Sem. Ringcard Vocab. 1-13

Sam Houston Appointed Commander of the Texas Army – Led the Texas Army in the Battle of San Jacinto. The defeat of Santa Anna and the Mexican army led to Texas Independence
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna President and General of the Mexican Army. Won the Battle of the Alamo, and lost at the Battle of San Jacinto and was captured soon after.
Convention of 1836 March 1-2 at Washington-on-the-Brazos, delegates met in Texas to formally declare independence and write the Texas Constitution. George Childress led the drafting of Texas’ Declaration of Independence.
James Fannin Col. of the Texas Army stationed at Goliad.
Juan Sequin Tejano that supported the Texas cause, stationed at the Alamo, but left the Alamo to deliver William B. Travis’ letter to General Houston.
William B. Travis Colonel of the Texas Army, stationed at the Alamo. Wrote the Commandancy of the Alamo (Travis’ letter) asking for reinforcements.
Battle of Gonzalez October 2, 1835, First Battle of the Revolution. Mexican troops demanded Texas settlers to return a cannon given to them for protection against American Indians. The Texans raised a flag that claimed “Come and Take It”.
Battle of Goliad second battle, October 10, 1835: 50 Texan soldiers’ defeated 30 Mexican soldiers. Texans gained military supplies from battle and increased morale.
Battles of San Antonio encouraged by the success at Gonzales and Goliad, Stephen F. Austin led troops into San Antonio to lay siege on the city.
The Alamo Siege began February 24, 1836, Travis, Bowie and Crocket chose to defend the Alamo despite Houston’s order to abandon and destroy it. Alamo Falls March 6, 1836. All 189 Texans were killed and Santa Anna believed this ended the war.
Battle of San Jacinto April 21, 1836, Final battle of the Revolution. Houston’s surprise attack on Santa Anna’s army led to a surrender after 18 minutes. Santa Anna was captured the next day.
Treaty of Velasco First, public treaty ended the war and declared Texas independent and the Rio Grande as the border. Second, secret treaty, called for Santa Anna’s release from prison, in exchange for public recognition of Texas’ independence.
Washington on the Brazos where the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed. Known as the birthplace of Texas.
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