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ATS-History 7

Spanish Am War/WWI Quiz

What is Yellow Journalism? Exaggerated news reports of events
What was the "Big Stick" that Teddy Roosevelt used? • Big Stick Diplomacy- When solving international matters, first try to solve things peacefully, but be willing to use force when necessary.
Give 4 reasons why the US eventually got invlved in WWI... • Inability to remain neutral • Economic and political ties to Great Britain • Sinking of the Lusitania on May 7, 1915 • Interception of the Zimmermann Telegram in January 1917
What treaty ended WWI? -the Fourteen Points
List all 6 of the Allied countries. British Empire France Russia Serbia Belgium United States
List all 4 of the Central Powered countries. German Empire Austro-Hungarian Empire Bulgaria Ottoman Empire
Explain the Rough Riders It was a volunteer cavalry regiment and they were responsible for the capture of San Juan Hill. This was a huge victory.
Who led the Rough Riders? Theodore Roosevelt
Name a reason for the Spanish American War that involved Cuba 1-American support of Cuban rebels to gain independence from Spain.
Name a reason for the Spanish American War where we protected somethings from being destroyed and what were the 2 main things? 2. Protecting American businesses and property (sugar and tobacco fields) from being destroyed by the fighting between the rebels and Spain.
Name a reason for the Spanish American War that involved a battleship. 3. Rising tensions between Spain and the US after the sinking of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor. The US declared war on Spain two months later
Why did the newspapers over exaggerate the sinking of what battleship? Newspapers over exaggerated the sinking of the USS Maine as a way to increase newspaper sales.
Name 3 results of the War. • The US emerged (became) a world power. • Cuba gained independence from Spain • The gained possession of the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico.
Be able to locate these 5 places on a map; Cuba Puerto Rico Panama Canal Philippines Guam
What did Roosevelt use the "Big Stick Diplomacy" for? To help Panama rebel from Columbia. This led to the building of the Panama Canal.
What years did WWI occur in? 1914-1918
What year did the US get involved in WWI? 1917
What were the 4 long term causes for WWI and the acronym for it. MAIN; Militarism- countries increased their military strength Alliances- countries formed friendships to protect themselves Imperialism- nations competing for trade and territory Nationalism- people were devoted to their countries
What was the short term causes for WWI? The assassination of the heir to Austri0-Hungarian Empire, Archduke Franz Freidan.
At the end of World War I, who prepared a peace plan? -President Woodrow Wilson
Why did the United States decide to not join the League of Nations? because the United States Senate failed to ratify the Treaty of Versailles.
What was the Fourteen Points peace treaty about? -it called for the formation of the League of Nations, a peacekeeping organization.
Created by: glink