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Civil War Saul

Civil War

Unionist wanted to stay in the union
Secessionist or Fire-eaters wanted to secede or breakaway from the union
Cooperationist Seceding was a last resort; if they secede, SC must have support of other states
Union United States of America
Confederacy Confederate States of America
Northern or Union Strategy Blockade the south and cut the Confederacy into two sections at the Mississippi River
Southern or Confederate strategy Fight a defensive war to make the Union tired of fighting
First battle of the Civil War Fort Sumter
Sherman's March to the Sea Sherman marches his troops from Atlanta to Savannah burning and looting towns and people's homes (example of Total War)
Total War Involves everyone (especially civilians) in the war
20 Slave Law If you owned 20 slaves, you did not have to serve in war
Women during the Civil War Served as nurses or stayed home to run the house, many had to flee their homes as Union troops advanced into the south
Reason the SC Secession convention was moved from Columbia to Charleston Smallpox outbreak in Columbiba
Group that gained control of SC General Assembly in Dec. 1860 Secessionist
What made it difficult for Confederate soldiers to get food, clothing, and ammunition? Union Blockade
Lincoln signed a document that freed all slaves in the rebelling states, what is this document? Emancipation Proclamation
54 Massachusetts Regiment of all African American soldiers
Robert Smalls Slave that stole a ship and provided information to the Union forces about the Confederate defense around Charleston
Advantage for the Union army More soldiers and More supplies
View for citizens in the north of the Civil War Moral crusade against slavery
Port Royal Sound's importance Launches the blockade of the Atlantic Ocean
Hunley Submarine
Conscription Laws Draft- requires people to serve in the army
Most deaths from the Civil War were from what? Infection and disease
John Wilkes Booth Person who assassinated Abraham Lincoln
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