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SS vocab midterm

all vocab

location describes where something is on Earth
place physical and human characteristics of a place
region similarities you may find in a place
movement how people, goods, info, and culture got in a particular place
human-environment interaction how humans have changed a place
latitude lines that run east and west around Earth
parallels also called lines of latitude
longitude run north and south around Earth
meridians also called lines of longitude
global grid latitude and longitude lines put together around Earth
Tropic of Cancer located at about 23 degrees north where the temperature is temperate
Tropic of Capricorn at 23 degrees south and is also in the temperate zone
tropical zone zone in between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn
torrid zone another name for the tropical zone
Arctic circle located above the Tropic if Cancer
Antarctic circle located under the tropic of Capricorn
frigid zones the Arctic and Antarctic circles
polar regions also known as frigid zones
temperate zones the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn
axis imaginary line between the north and south poles
political map shows cities, states and countries
compass rose a pointer for cardinal directions
intermediate directions NW, NE, SW, SE
key a legend
scale help you estimate actual distances on Earth
physical map shows landforms and bodies of water
relief map shows mountain regions
elevation how far up something is
locator a larger area of Earth on part of a map
small scale map where a larger area of a map is shown
large scale map scale that represents a shorter distance on Earth
distribution map shows a pattern of something spread out over an area
population density number of people living on one square mile of land
map projections way of showing the Earth
distortions errors in a map
prehistory long period of time before written history
archaeology study of artifacts
archaeologist uncovers evidence from the past
artifacts objects made by people long ago
migrate to move from one place to another
Clovis where archaeologists found a variety of human made objects
Ice Age period of time where glaciers covered great streches of land
glaciers huge ice sheet
Beringia stretch of land between Asia and America
Mount Verde where artifacts were found from a band of hunter gatherers
Topper Site where small stone tools were found under the Clovis artifacts
Civilizations groups of people who have a complex and organized government within a society
fertile rich soil
Fertile Crescent region with rich soil
Mesopotamia land between the rivers
plateau area high above ground
irrigation method used for watering crops
Uruk City state
Kish City state
Lagash city state
Nippur City State
Umma City State
Ur City state
city state a place where a complete government and traditions are found
region place where common physical features are found
artisans craftspeople
Created by: HunterCantwell