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3rd 6 Week CBA

The sole object of the tariff is to tax the produce of foreign industry, with the view of promoting American industry. The tax is exclusively leveled at the foreign industry. Protective tariff
Who expanded suffrage, created a stronger executive branch, expanded westward, closed the national bank, and had laissez-faire economics? Andrew Jackson
Which territory did Thomas Jefferson purchase in 1803? Louisiana
What was President Andrew Jackson's response to the threats made by South Carolina to not pay tariffs? He threatened to send in federal troops to enforce the tariffs.
The "Trail of Tears" was executed by Andrew Jackson in order to gain control of — fertile land that could be used for agriculture
How did the Monroe Doctrine intend to handle any European attempt to "extend their system" into the Western Hemisphere? The United States would declare war on the offending European country
"... the American continents...are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powers...." This excerpt if from the -- Monroe Doctrine
Andrew Jackson's political party was characterized by its belief in increased voting rights among white males, expanding American borders to the Pacific, and a hands-off approach to the American economy. The party was known as the — Democrats
Which of the following best describes an international law complaint that eventually led to the War of 1812? Impressment of American sailors into the British navy
Southern cuisine and many other cultural traditions in the South can be attributed to African Slaves
During the early 1800s, the southern region of the United States was primarily — rural with an economy dependent on agriculture
The massive influx of hopeful prospectors to California in 1849 was spawned by — the discovery of gold in mountain streams
What best characterizes the Jackson presidency? Greater democracy for the common man
At the close of the United States' war with Mexico, the United States signed a treaty with Mexico. This treaty was the — Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Although President Jackson attempted to reduce taxes through the Tariff of 1832, protests by leaders in South Carolina led to the — Nullification Crisis
Andrew Jackson's supporters were the first to encourage growth in western territories, stating that it was God's will for whites to progress west. This concept was known as — Manifest Destiny
In order to clear out elected officials from the opposing party and replace them with his supporters, Andrew Jackson introduced — a spoils system
How did the Cherokee respond to the Indian Removal Act passed by the Jackson administration? They went to the Supreme Court asking that their rights be protected
Created by: gaddisk