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Launching New Nation

U.S. History Launching a New Nation 1787-1800

First President of the United States George Washington
Body of electors who represent the people’s vote in choosing the President Electoral College
An action or decision that later serves as an example for the future Precedent
Group of advisers to the President Cabinet
First Secretary of War Henry Knox
First Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson
First Attorney General Edmund Randolph
First Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton
Served as both a Senator and a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for NC Nathaniel Macon
Created the judicial branch of the United States Judiciary Act of 1789
3 prongs of Hamilton's plan to deal with the national debt Deal with the debt Gain Revenue Stabilize the Banking System
Suggestions to deal with the debt under Hamilton's plan Replace old, low value bonds with interest bearing bonds of higher value Take over most of the state’s war debts
Suggestions to gain revenue under Hamilton's plan Pass a tariff to bring in money and help American manufacturers
Suggestions to stabilize the banking system under Hamilton's plan Create a national bank Create a national mint
Certificates of debt that can be sold back to the government for a higher price later Bonds
Original location of the capital of the United States New York City
2 original Cabinet members that disagreed over many government issues Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton
Who wanted this? *A government ruled primarily by the wealthy *To promote economic growth through manufacturing and business *A national bank and mint where the government could deposit and issue its own money *Loose construction of the Constitution Alexander Hamilton
Who wanted this? *A government ruled by all people equally *To promote economic growth through independent farmers *To stop the national bank since he felt it gave the government too much power *Strict construction of the Constitution Thomas Jefferson
First national bank Bank of the United States
Interpretation of the Constitution that states the federal government can take reasonable actions that the Constitution does not specifically forbid Loose Construction
People who buy items at a low price in hopes that the item can be sold for a profit later Speculator
Interpretation of the Constitution that states the federal government should only do what the Constitution says it may do Strict Construction
Stated that the United States would not take sides in any European countries that were at war Neutrality Proclamation
Private ships hired by a country to attack its enemies Privateers
Settled disputes between Great Britain and the USA in the early 1790’s; British paid damages for seized American ships and abandoned forts in the Northwest; America agreed to pay debt is owed to the British Jay's Treaty
Settled border and trade disputes between Spain and the United States Pinckney’s Treaty
Led the Native Americans in the Native American Alliance against settlers in the Northwest territory Chief Little Turtle
Appointed by Washington to lead Americans against Chief Little Turtle General Anthony Wayne
Battle where Native Americans were defeated by Wayne's forces and Native American power was lost in the N.W. Territroty Battle of Fallen Timbers
Gave the USA claims to most of the Indian lands in the Northwest Territory and guaranteed the safety of settlers there Treaty of Greenville
Fighting broke out in Western Pennsylvania to protest the whiskey tax; Washington personally led forces to stop fighting Whiskey Rebellion
Washington's warnings for America in Farewell Address Warned against forming permanent ties with other countries as it could draw the US into a war Warned against forming political parties as political conflict weakened the government Warned against too much public and government debt
Groups organize to elect government officials and influence government policies Political parties
Political party favored by businessmen that wanted strong government and supported industry and trade; members included John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay Federalists
Political Party supported by farmers that favored limiting the power of the federal government; members included Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Aaron Burr Democratic-Republicans
Winners of the 1796 election President: John Adams Vice President: Thomas Jefferson
An incident where French agents demanded a bribe and loans from U.S. diplomats before they would be seen by the French Foreign Minister Talleyrand; almost started a war between France and the U.S.A. XYZ Affair
Acts passed by Congress that made it illegal to criticize the government in order to protect the United States from criticism; violated Amendment 1 of the Constitution Alien and Sedition Acts
Stated that the Alien and Sedition Acts were unconstitutional Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
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