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Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny mrdowling24

Manifest Destiny the belief that it was the United States' God-given right to expand from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
49ers people who rushed to California in 1849 to find gold
panning for gold process used to find gold in a river/stream The miner would place a pan in the dirt of a stream and use the water to swirl all undesired rocks off of the pan, hoping to find gold
Where was gold first discovered in California? John Sutter's mill
Founder of the Mormon religion Joseph Smith
Who became the Mormon leader when Joseph Smith was killed? Brigham Young
Why was Utah a good place for the Mormon's to settle? Utah was isolated because of the Rocky Mountains and the Great Salt Lake. It made it safe for the Mormons who were frequently attacked by neighbors elsewhere.
Why were the Mormons often hated/attacked? People did not like their different religious beliefs The Mormons believed in communal property polygamy
Person who initially led American settlers into Mexico Stephen Austin
Original use of the Alamo The Alamo was originally a mission
Who won the battle at the Alamo? Why? The Mexicans won because they outnumbered the Texans and surrounded them. The Texans ran out of supplies.
What two sides were fighting at the Alamo? Texans vs. Mexicans
What two sides were fighting in the Mexican War? Mexico vs. The United States
Where did the Texans get their revenge for the Alamo? Battle of San Jacinto
Santa Anna Mexican dictator
Nickname for the newly independent Texas Lone Star Republic
First President of Texas Sam Houston
annex to add on
Why were some Americans afraid of annexing Texas? They believed that adding Texas would add more slave states, giving more power to the South. Others were afraid that adding Texas would lead to a war with Mexico
How did Sam Houston get the US to annex Texas? He made it seem like Texas would form an alliance with Great Britain
What river did the US believe was the border between the United States and Mexico? Rio Grande
What river did Mexico believe was the border between the United States and Mexico? Nueces River
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty to end the Mexican War United States was given the Mexican Cession (including California) for only $15 million
How much did the United States originally offer for the Mexican Cession before the war? $30 million
Who won the Mexican War? United States
Mexican Cession The Mexican Cession included California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona-land given to the United States as a result of the Mexican War
Gadsden Purchase To make the US look better they purchased a tiny strip of land in Arizona and New Mexico for $10 million.
What four countries claimed the Oregon Territory? Russia, United States, Great Britain, Spain
missionary a person who tries to convert people to his/her religion
Mountain Men people who lived in Oregon and lived off the land independent rugged individualists
rendezvous a get together/gathering mountain men would meet to get supplies/trade
Where did the Oregon Trail begin? Independence, Missouri
Dangers of the Oregon Trail extreme heat, rain, flooding, animal attacks, disease, droughts, drownings
Created by: mrdowling24



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