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Chapter 11-12

Chapter 11-12 Review materials mrdowling24

The Industrial Revolution time period when machines and factories replaced hand tools and farming as the main ways to make money
Created the first American factory Samuel Slater
Lowell Mills textile mills in Massachusetts names after Francis Lowell put all the activities needed for making clothing in one area to make the process cheaper and more efficient women worked and lived in the factory town
Problems in factories long hours-12 hours a day, 6 days a week diseases, pollution, no garbage removal in cities child labor, lack of safety for machines
Inventor of the Cotton Gin Eli Whitney
cotton gin machine used to make the cotton cleaning process faster and easier separated cotton from the seeds, thorns and other undesired parts
Cotton Kingdom area in the south where cotton production was widespread
As cotton production increased, slavery... increased
Person who helped make the Erie Canal a reality Dewitt Clinton (governor of NY)
What two bodies of water does the Erie Canal connect? Hudson River and Lake Erie
Benefits of the Erie Canal New York became the center of trade New York's industrialization grew the population of New York grew (especially in the west/near the canal) more factories=more jobs cheaper to ship goods faster to ship goods
Sectionalism pride for one's section of the United States
Leader of the North Daniel Webster
Leader of the South John C. Calhoun
Leader of the West Henry Clay
tariff tax on foreign goods
Sectional issues led to... The Civil War
Section of the United States that preferred slavery The South
Monroe Doctrine The United States issued the Monroe Doctrine to discourage Europe from getting involved in the affairs of the newly independent nations of Latin America. the western hemisphere was closed to new colonization
Tariff of Abominations high tariff that angered the Southern states because they relied on goods from foreign counties and did not want to pay more for them. The South threatened to secede if the tariff was not lowered
secede to break away from the Union
nullify to cancel
Nullification Crisis The South believed that if they did not like a law created by the national government they could nullify, or cancel, it.
Indian Removal Act law that stated the United States could move Native Americans from their land
Trail of Tears the forced movement of Native Americans from their land to land west of the Mississippi River many people died
Worcester v. Georgia Supreme Court case Native Americans argued that removal of Native Americans went against a treaty they had with the US government. The Supreme Court agreed but the US government did not enforce it
South Carolina's reaction to the high tariff South Carolina threatened to secede
Created by: mrdowling24
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