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CNC1 ch 10 study que

Voting and Political Participation

What are the forms of conventional participation? Voting; contacting elected officials, working on election campaigns, associating with political parties or interest groups, and signing petitions.
What are the forms of unconventional participation? participation in demonstrations, protests, strikes, boycotts, or sitins
What types of groups would use unconventional forms of political participation to have their political voices heard? marginalized groups that have been denied access to institutionalized modes of participation and groups seeking to attract awareness to their cause.
How is socioeconomic status an indicator of low political participation? Lower socioeconomic status either cannot participate (they lack the necessary resources); they do not want to participate (they lack interest in politics); or nobody has asked them to participate (they have not been motivated)
How does partisan loyalty affect voter choices Short-cut in voting (straight party ticket)
Which character traits influence voters? trustworthiness, intellect, prior service to the country, oratory skill, ability to empathize, and overall projection of power and strength
What is the current voter turn-out rate? 58%
Why does America have a lower voter turn-out rate than other countries? Differences in voting laws and electoral systems among countries; voter registration process; the electoral system in place (frequency of elections, the length of election ballots, and the likelihood that a voter will cast a winning ballot, voting laws)
Explain how demographic characteristics such as age, race, ethnicity and gender, education, income, political socialization, influence voter choices. Age- the older you are more likely to vote. White / Asian people are more likely to vote. Income - higher income will be more likely to vote. Gender - men are more likely to vote. Women vote likely democratic and men more likely republican. Political soci
What are the strongest factors on voter turnout? Social capital, mobility,
What's the difference between Midterm elections turnout and Presidential elections turnout? There is a lower turn out in midterm elections than there in presidential election
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