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The Age of Jefferson

Study for our Age of Jefferson test socialstudieswithasmile.com mrdowling24

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court during Marbury v. Madison John Marshall
Marbury v. Madison Supreme Court case that established the precedent of judicial review
precedent act or decision for future generations to follow
Judicial Review the right of the Supreme Court to declare laws unconstitutional this precedent was established with the Marbury v. Madison ruling
Louisiana Purchase 1803 land purchase from France The United States gained last west of the Mississippi River
Benefits of the Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United States the US now has complete control of the Mississippi River the land was cheap (3 cents/acre) the French are no longer our neighbors
How much did the Louisiana Purchase cost? $15 Million
Why did Napoleon decide to sell Louisiana? France needed money for a war with Britain The uprising in Haiti made it clear that world-wide dominance would be difficult
Lewis and Clark The two explorers chosen by President Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Territory.
Who was the Native American guide who helped Lewis and Clark? Sacagawea
Why did Britain and France begin to seize American merchant ships? The United States was trading with both France and Britain. Neither side liked that the US was trading with/helping their enemy.
impressment kidnapping sailors and forcing them to fight in your military The British did this to American sailors
embargo a ban on trade
Embargo Act The 1807 act by President Jefferson banned ALL trade with foreign nations to protect our merchants
Why was the Embargo Act so damaging to Americans? Since it banned all trade, the United States was unable to make money, get supplies they relied on
Non-Intercourse Act The law replacing the Embargo Act The United States would now only not trade with Britain and France until they stopped seizing our ships
War of 1812 Britain vs. The United States "The 2nd War of Independence" The United States does not like that Britain is seizing our ships, impressing Americans Britain is supplying Native American with weapons to use against Americans
Weaknesses of the US during the War of 1812 small navy (16 ships) small army minimal military spending prior to the war
Treaty of Ghent the treaty to end the War of 1812 everything went back to pre-war conditions no agreement was made regarding seizing ships/impressment
Why did the US people feel that the War of 1812 was a victory? The US, led by Andrew Jackson, won a huge victory before the news of the treaty was known (Battle of New Orleans) The war between Britain and France ended soon after, they stopped seizing US ships
Francis Scott Key wrote our national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner during the War of 1812
Why did the United States want to control New Orleans? New Orleans was the southernmost city on the Mississippi River they needed it so they could send their supplies to other world markets to make money
nationalism pride for one's country a cause of the War of 1812
Created by: mrdowling24