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3306 ALL ELOs

You receive information from an outside source about conditions on the airport. What must you do with this information? confirm the information
A pilot requests to land on a closed runway. You inform him / her that the runway is closed. The pilot persists in the request. What action should you take? quote the appropriate NOTAM
Furnish quality of braking action to all aircraft as received from pilots or ______________. airport management
A braking action report should also include______________. aircraft type
A braking action advisory is in effect for the advertised active runway. Who must be given the advisory? arriving aircraft to that runway, departure aircraft to that runway
Whenever you have a heavy jet, you should include what word when issuing a wake turbulence advisory? heavy
During parachute jumping operations, coordinate any pertinent jump information with other affected ATC facilities / sectors__________________________. prior to and at the end of each jump
The correct phraseology to issue taxi and hold short instructions is__________________. "RUNWAY THREE SIX TAXI VIA TAXIWAY CHARLIE, HOLD SHORT RUNWAY SIX"
If a military aircraft requests an intersection departure, what information must be given to the aircraft prior to taxiing for departure? the measured distance from the intersection to the runway end
When shall position determination be made of an aircraft awaiting clearance to taxi? before issuing taxi instructions
Controllers do not issue conditional taxi instructions that depend upon_______________. a departure aircraft established on a takeoff roll
Ground Control will issue progressive taxi instructions to_________. pilots upon request
Who may authorize an intersection departure? controller
Who is responsible for establishing the hold lines / signs on the airport? airport manager
Restrictions to the operation of aircraft and vehicles within the ILS critical area are required to assure the integrity of ILS course signals. (T/F) true
To determine the correct runway for use, the Local Controller should use the runway most nearly aligned with the wind when the wind is ______________. five knots or more
Ceiling and visibility are issued to aircraft if the weather is reported as ___________________________. ceiling and / or visibility are below basic VFR minima
A Category III departure is airborne. Distances can be determined by suitable landmarks and it is between sunrise and sunset. A Category II aircraft is on short final. What is the minimum runway separation required? 6,000 feet
When using anticipated separation, issue traffic information to both aircraft. (T/F) false
Aircraft A is departing from Runway 6. Aircraft B must not cross the landing threshold until aircraft A ____________________. crosses the departure end of the runway
When are you required to issue taxi route information to an aircraft? always
What minimum runway distance must exist between aircraft departing on the same runway when a Bonanza (Category I) will follow a Twin Cessna (Category II)? 3,000 feet
Separate a small aircraft making an intersection departure from the same runway (same or opposite direction takeoff) as a preceding departed large aircraft by___ minutes. three
Authorize simultaneous VFR helicopter landings and takeoffs if landing / takeoff points are at least 200 feet apart and courses to be flown___________. do not conflict
When is an aircraft that has been cleared for "low approach" considered to be a departing aircraft? when it crosses the landing threshold
When more than one aircraft is cleared to hold VFR at the same geographical fix issue __________ __________ to all aircraft. traffic information
Instruct departing civil aircraft, or military cargo and transport type IFR / SVFR aircraft to contact departure when the aircraft _____________. is 1/2 mile beyond runway end
What is the minimum separation required between a Special VFR helicopter and an arriving IFR aircraft that is less than 1 mile from the landing airport? 1/2 mile
The Local Controller must start assistance to an emergency aircraft___________________. as soon as enough information is obtained
In the event of an emergency and a crash vehicle is out of the station, who is responsible for contacting that crash vehicle? ground controller
What is the minimum required information for an in-flight emergency? Aircraft ID, aircraft type, nature of emergency, and pilot's desires
What additional information should be obtained during an emrgency situation? number of personnel on board and fuel remaining in time
__________ is a condition of being threatened by serious and/ or imminent danger and of requiring immediate assistance. Distress
__________is a condition of being concerned about safety and of requiring timely but not immediate assistance; a potential distress condition. Urgency
Created by: Braman Hall
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