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Chapter 18 Access

Fighting World War II Chapter 18 vocabulary from Access American History

Holocaust the Nazi murder of 11 million people, mostly Jews.
D-Day June 6, 1944 - the date when the Allied Powers landed in France to save France and the other countries in Europe from the Germans.
The Allies One of the sides in World War II. The group was formed by the United States, Soviet Union, Britain, and other countries
nationalism pride in one's country
racism the belief that one group of people is better than the other, based on physical looks.
dictator a ruler with total power
the Axis One of the sides in World War II. This group was formed by Germany, Italy, Japan and some smaller countries.
facism a political set of ideas that says a strong central government controlling everyone's lives and business, and a very powerful leader, is the best way to run a country. It was popular in Italy, Spain and Germany.
internment camps places where people are sent to during the war, when the government believes they are a threat to safety in the country.
atomic bomb a hugely destructive bomb that destroys a large area and spreads cancer causing gas.
concentration camps Nazi prisons where millions of people (mostly Jews) were sent to be killed by the Nazis
naval base the headquarters of the navy
invasion an attack in which a country goes inside another country.
Created by: Mrs.Winters
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