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GGW list # 2

floundered struggled or staggered helplessly in water or mud
convoy group of vehicles traveling together for support or protection
privateers armed ship owners authorized to capture enemy ships
menacing threatening
lumbered moved in a slow, heavy, awkward way
morale confidence, enthusiasm, spirit, or discipline of a person
disillusioned disappointed
tongue-lashing loud scolding
ruckus commotion, fracas, controversy
sluggishly slowly
taunt tease, provoke
craggy having many crags, rough or uneven edges
Union Jack national flag of the United Kingdom
juggernaut huge, powerful force
chasm deep crack in the earth or rock
feverishly frantically, furiously, heatedly
foray attack, invade enemy territory
diversion deflection, deviation, turning away from
fascines rough bundle of brushwood used for making a path
parapet protective wall to conceal troops
barrage heavy artillery fire, bombardment
adjutant a general's assistant
armada a large fleet
liberators people who release others from captivity
audacious aggressive, bold, adventurous
Created by: Rhonda's Storm