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How did the land bridge between Asia and Alaska form? Ice Age glaciers froze a large amount of water, lowering the sea levels enough to expose the land bridge.
Empire builders that created a glittering empire that stretched nearly 2500 miles along the mountainous western coast of South America Inca
Ancient hunters trekked across the land bridge, called __________, into North America Beringia
Why did Native American societies not wish to buy and sell land> They regarded the land as the source of life, not as a commodity to be sold
Who were the two great rulers of the Songhai? Askia Huhammad and Sunni Ali
European communities were based on _________, meaning they were organized according to rank. Social Hierarchy
Where did Columbus think he was when they found land he called San Salvador? The Indies
Why was Timbuktu such and important city? It was the hub of an important trading network
Why did the SPanish begin importing enslaved Africans? There was a labor shortage in the America's
Native Americans regarded the ______ as a source of life. land
This means strong ties among family memebers kinship
_______ were desert farmers Anasazi
________ were mound builders Hopewell
A word meaning "the line of common descent" lineage
A region of dry grassland is also called savanna
The kingdom that dominated the rain forest in West Central Africa was the Kongo
The first empire in the Americas belonged to the Olmec
A period when Europeans began investigation all aspects of the physical world was called the Renaissance
A series of military expeditions to the middle east in the name of Christianity was called the Crusades
The establishment of distant settlements controlled by the parent country is called colonization
Name 3 climate zones of West Africa Savanna, rainforest, desert
Chrisropher Columbus's 3 ships: Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria
By controlling the trans-Sahara trade, what empire was able to gain enough power and wealth to become the largest West African empire in history? Songhai
What were Columbus' four main reasons to embark on his journey to find gold, spread religion, claim land, and find an all-water route to asia
What movement led to the division of Christianity into Catholicism and Protestantism Reformation
Who helped plan a capital for his colony he called Philadelphia? William Penn
Who was given a charter for a colony he called Maryland? Lord Baltimore
Who led the first Spanish expedition into what is now AZ, NM, TX, OK, and KS Coronada
Who renamed the New Netherlands Colony New York? The Duke of York
Who named the territory Virginia after Elizabeth I Sir Walter Raleigh
Who named his colony Georga James Ogelthorpe
Who established an outpost he called St. Augustine? Aviles
Who discovered and named La Florida Juan Ponce de Leon
A mixed Spanish and Native American population is called Mestizo
Spanish settlers in the Americas were called peninsulares
Who led the army that conquered the Aztec? Hernando Cortes
Penn's plan for government called for... representative assembly and freedom of religion
What were English colonies originally funded and maintained by? Joint-stock companies
Who led a well-organized Pueblo uprising against the Spanish that drove the Spaniards back into New Spain Pope
Who did the English call King Phillip? Metacom
With a Charter from King James I the Virginia Company's ships reached a small peninsula, claimed the land, and named the settlement... Jamestown
Who established the Massachusetts Bay Colony? John Winthrop
Who set up a new colony he called Providence, Later the capital of Rhode Island? Roger Williams
________ named his father's colony Maryland, after Queen Henrietta Maria. Cecil
List 3 things to describe the Quakers Dressed plainly, were ridiculed by the Puritan church, church services are led by members of the congregation.
The Virginia Company's 3 ships that were sent to start a colony is 1607 Susan Constant, Discovery, and Godsspeed
The transfer of the British monarchy from James II to William and MAry in 1688-189 was known as... Glorious Revolution
In 1651, Parliament passed a series of laws restricting colonial trade known as the.... Navigation Acts
England relaxed its enforcement of most regulations in return for the continued economic loyalty of the colonies, this policy became known as..... Salutary Neglect
George Grenville prompted Parliament to enact the _____________ that halved the duty on molasses, placed duties on certain imports, and allowed prosecutors to try smuggling cases in a vice-admiralty court Sugar Act
_________ helped create a diverse population in both the Northern and Southern colonies European immigrants
Benjamin Franklin was an important figure
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