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3 six weeks tx test

Manifest Destiny, Mexican American war & Civil War Test Review

What does Manifest Destiny mean for America? America believed it was their right to expand westward to the Pacific Ocean
Why do Americans feel the right to pursue "Manifest Destiny"? They improved the land when moving west. They had already acquired the Louisiana Purchase.
What caused the Mexican American war? Belief of Manifest Destiny, TX was annexed by the U.S., border dispute over Texas, American troops provoked Mexican troops in disputed area.
How was Texas involved in the Mexican American war? Mexico still thought TX was Mexican territory, and they argued over its border.
How does this war affect the Civil War later? It serves as a training ground for future Civil War generals such as Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee.
What ended the Mexican American war? The Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo
What were some of the results of the war? TX became a part of the U.S., Mexico ceded the land between TX and the Pacific Ocean to the U.S. (Mexican Cession), America paid Mexico $15 million
define cede legally giving up territory to another country
What advantages in the Civil War did the North have? railroads, telegraph, manufacturing, population, wealth
what advantage did the South have in the Civil War? large farms
what were the causes of the civil war? Sectionalism, slavery, the election of 1860,secession, states rights
What political party was Abraham Lincoln? Republican
At the Secession Convention, what did Texas decide to do? Texas lawmakers voted to secede (166 to 8) because they believed that they had the right to own slaves.
Who was the primary commander of the Confederate Army? Robert E. Lee
Who was the president of the Confederacy? Jefferson Davis
Who was the primary commander of the Union? Ulysses S. Grant
What battle marked the "bloodless opening" of the civil war? Fort Sumpter
What was the purpose of the Emancipation Proclamation? It freed slaves ONLY in rebelling states.
What victory did Lincoln use to give it? Battle of Antietam
What turning point was also the biggest and longest battle of the Civil War? Battle of Gettysburg
What was the Gettysburg Address? Speech by Lincoln to dedicate a national cemetery at the Gettysburg battlefield
What important event happened at the Appomattox Courthouse? Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant, leading to the end of the Civil War.
Where was Abraham Lincoln born? Hodgenville, Kentucky
When was Abraham Lincoln born? February 12, 1809
When did Abraham Lincoln die? April 15, 1865
Who killed Abraham Lincoln? John Wilkes Booth
Where did Abraham Lincoln get shot? Ford's theater
Where did Abraham Lincoln die? Petersen House
Created by: jane.burnham14