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Geography of L.Ameri

has the largest oil and gas reserves of the and has the world's largest iron and steel industries Venezuela
Caribbean island that mines gold and silver Dominican Republic
Middle American country with large amounts of oil natural gas and silver deposits Mexico
Latin American country than mines silver Peru
produces the world's finest emeralds Colombia
world's largest exporter of copper Chile
Caribbean island with large deposits of bauxite a mineral used to make aluminum Jamaica
Latin American country that mines bauxite gold and produces timber rubber and palm oil from its rainforests Brazil
Latin American country this valuable oil and natural gas deposits Bolivia and Ecuador
Caribbean islands that mines nickel Cuba
Central American countries with rich gold deposits that are difficult to mine Nicaragua and Guatemala
geographers divide Latin American into three Subregions
middle America is made up of Mexico and Central America
linking North and South America is the isthumus
The 3 groups divided into the Caribbean islands are the Greater Antilles the Lesser Antilles and the Bahamas
the world's longest mountain system in South America the Andes
the Amazon River covers 2.7 million square miles
what is the grasslands that spreads throw Colombia and Venezuela Llanos
the lowlands that cover much of Argentina and Uruguay Pampas
where are most of Latin America's rivers and lakes found Tropics
Latin America's longest river is the Amazon
South America's largest lake in Venezuela is Maracaibo
to shorten travel time between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans ships use the Panama Canal
Latin America's natural resources are minerals forests farm land in water
brazil has the most natural resources including Rain forests and minerals
Brazil uses chair hand and gasoline to produce Gasohol
what climate has year round high temperatures and heavy rainfall tropical wet
where is the world's largest rainforest found Amazon basin
middle America and most Caribbean islands tropical Dry
what storms often hit the Caribbean islands Hurricanes
what is one of the driest place on earth Atcama desert
what affects climate in mountainous areas Altitude
what are the hot and humid areas near sea level called Tierra caliente
has mild temperatures that enable corn,wheat,and coffee to be grown Tierra templeda
at what elevation does thebtierra fria begin 6000 feet
hardy crops can only be grown there in Warmer summers
the highest and coldest elevation zone is called the Tierra helada
what is the dividing line between temperate zones Tropic of capricorn
a weather system that causes heavy rains and flooding el nino
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