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Ch 8 Quiz


what is the first amendment 5 freedoms
what are the 5 freedoms right to press, religion, speech, petition, and assemble
what is the second amendment right to break arms and militia
what is the third amendment of the constitution quartering of soldiers without owners consent
what is the fourth amendment no search or seizure without a warrant
what does the fourth amendment mean says items and location allowed to go
what is the first part to the fifth amendment no self incrimination (i plead the fifth)
what is the second part of the fifth amendment double jeopardy
what is double jeopardy protects people from being charged to many times for the same crime (if found not guilty)
what is the sixth amendment rights of the acused
what does it mean to have the right of the accused will not be waiting in jail for long time for trial and has right to see their accuser
what is the seventh amendment right for a jury trial in a civil or criminal case
what is the first part of the eigth amendment no cruel and unusual punishment
what is the second part of the eigth amendment no excessive bail
what si the ninth amendment american citizens are not just limited to these rights
what is the tenth amendment rights and powers reserved to the people and the states
how many jobs besides Washington were there in Washingtons cabinet 4
what are the 4 jobs in the cabinet secretary of war, secretary of treasury, secretary of states, and attorney general
who was not involved in the cabinet vice president
who was the first vice president john adams
who was the first secretary of war henry knox
who was the first secretary of treasury alexander hamilton
who was the first secretary of states thomas jefferson
who was the first attorney general edmond randolph
what was the secretary of war in charge of war strategies
what was the secretary of treasury in charge of money
what was the secretary of states in charge of foreign ppolicy
what was the attorney general in charge of nations top lawyer
what year was the judiciary act formed 1789
what did the judiciary act set up supreme and appellate court
how many judges did the supreme and appellate court have according to the judiciary act 6
Created by: 76er Historian