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History Review

Uncle Tom’s Cabin written by _______________. Harriet Beecher Stowe
Uncle Tom's Cabin helped people understand _______________. slavery
Popular sovereignty was part of the _______________ act. Kansas-Nebraska
Popular sovereignty said that settlers could decide if the state was _______________. a free state or slave state
The Kansas Nebraska Act was proposed by _________________. Stephen A. Douglas
The Kansas Nebraska Act overturned the ___________________. Missouri Compromise
The Missouri Compromise uses _______________ to determine slave states. latitude
The Kansas Nebraska Act was proposed in the year __________. 1854
People moved to Kansas and Nebraska to fight for and against slavery, which turned into an event called ______________. Bleeding Kansas
The 15th President was _____________________. James Buchanan
The __________________ said that a slave was property and could not be taken away from a person. Dred Scott Decision
The Dred Scott Decision took place in the year ____________. 1857
The 16th President was __________________. Abraham Lincoln
_________________ secedes (leaves) the Union right after Lincoln becomes President. South Carolina
The Confederate States are made up of South Carolina, Alabama, _________, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Florida
The Confederate President was ________________. Jefferson Davis
John Brown’s Raid was lead by __________________. abolitionists
_____________ is the the thought, concept or idea that the United States would be settled from sea to shining sea. Manifest Destiny
These were actually guns that were supplied to anti-slavery immigrants in Kansas. "Beechers Bibles"
After the Compromise of 1850, the issue of slavery was decided by Popular Sovereignty in the ____________________. Utah and New Mexico Territories
After the Compromise of 1850, the ______________ was abolished in Washington D.C. slave trade
The _______________________ said that slaves that were caught had to be returned to their owners. Fugitive Slave Act
The breaking apart of the United States, based on cultural, economic and geographic differences was known as ________________________. Sectionalism
In the North, the economy was supported by __________________. manufacturing
In the _______________ the economy was supported by "King Cotton." South
_________________ supported the economy in the West. Agriculture
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