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Review of GeorgiaTransportation Systems

What group first used the waterways in Georgia for both transportation and food? Native Americans
What river makes the boundary between South Carolina and Georgia? Savannah
What river makes the boundary between Alabama and Georgia? Chattahoochee
How does most of the freight arrive in Georgia originally? By water
Which Georgia city is home to the second largest single container port in the U.S.? Savannah (Garden City Port)
Name one of Georgia's inland ports on the Chattahoochee River. Bainbridge or Columbus
Which Georgia airport has been called the "World's Busiest Airport" for many years? Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
What Atlanta political position did both William B. Hartsfield and Maynard Jackson hold before their names were used for the Atlanta airport? Atlanta mayor
What airline company began the first passenger service between Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX? Delta Airlines
Name two of the three major interstate highways that go through Atlanta, GA. I-20 I-75 I-85
What type of vehicle is used to move MOST freight on the interstate highway system? large trucks, 18 wheelers, trucks with cargo containers
Which southern state has more miles of railroad track than any other state? Georgia
Which Union General burned Atlanta, GA during the Civil War because of the railroads in the area? William T. Sherman
Name the four transportation systems found in Georgia today. Air (planes), Water (ports), Land (trucks), Rail (trains)
How do the four transportation systems influence Georgia's economy? The systems provide jobs while moving freight that is bought and sold in Georgia.
Created by: connerturtle
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