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Unit 3 Lesson 1

New England Colonies

Puritans group of people who left England to make a more pure religion and church
Massachusetts Bay Company company who owned land in New England and were given a charter to start a colony
supplies Puritans brought more of this with them, unlike the Pilgrims
cows and horses animals Puritans brought with them
warm weather type of weather when Puritans arrived
Boston Puritans' first settlement
covenant contract between church and Puritan families
John Winthrop first governor of Puritans
common grassy area in the middle of a Puritan village
spun wool chore for girls
made soap chore for girls
cooked food for family chore for girls
cut wood chore for boys
cared for animals chore for boys
worked on farms chore for boys
Harvard first college founded in the New World
Roger Williams kicked out of colony-went on to start Rhode Island
Anne Hutchinson held Bible studies in home and was kicked out of colony
Pequot Native Americans living in Boston area
Pequot War war in which colonists along with native allies attacked Pequot village at night
King Philip's War war between colonists and Wampanoag
King Philip what the English called Massasoit's son
Created by: murphannie