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colonies test reviwe

colonies test review

Propoganda Information used to promote a point of view, like the Boston Massacre
Loyalist//Torie Someone who is on the side of Great Britain in the colonies
Patriot Someone who is on the colonies' side
1st Continental Congress -Met to decide reaction to intolerable acts -12 colonies representing/start malitia
2nd Continental Congress -Olive Branch Petition -All 13 Representatives
Guerilla warfare Attacking the opposing army and then retreating and hiding
Valley Forge A winter spent by the colonial troops while it was very bad for them, where many died from the cold or starvation
Treaty of Paris -Signed in 1783 -30 years start to finish
Sam Adams
Paul Revere
Patrick Henry
Thomas Paine
Thomas Jefferson
John Hancock
Nathan Hale
Benedict Arnold
John Paul Jones
Francis Marion
Deborah Sampson
Molly Pitcher
Created by: justin234