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Imperialism extending the rule of authority of one country over other countries or territories to colonize them
Colonies groups of people
Militarism the empire competiting to create a strong military
Arms Race a competition to create the best military equip
Nationalism an ethnic group divided by politics; but believe and feel they should be united as a nation
Black Hand Terrorists Bosnian Serbs who formed a terrorist group to assasinate Archduke Ferdinand
Alliances when three or more groups of people join together for the protection of the military
Triple Alliance Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy
Triple Entente Britian France Russia
Blank Cheque document created by Kaiser Wilhelm saying that Germany will support any Austria-Hungary decisions
Ultimatum Austria-Hungary said to Serbia to hand over the terrorist now or they would declare war
Schlieffen Plan for Germany to go through Belgium to sneak attack the French
Two-front war is where your arm has to split into two places to fight.
Ross Riffle is a gun mad by Canadains but it would jam if got it dirty so it was not used.
Stalemate it is where both do not have enough power to optain victory.
"no man's land" is the strip of land inbetween the trenches
"Going over the top" this was to go over the top of the trench in to "no man's land" to be shot at
Battles of Attrition this is a type of war that is about outlasting the others.
Total war where one place puts every thing in to supporting the war.
Created by: Jennifer Hanson