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Exam review

What three countries primarily colonized North America? Great Britain, Spain, and France
What are the three general reasons why they wanted to colonize? Economic, religious, and political
name two reasons why Great Britain wanted to colonize? Because there's large amounts of fertile land to grow cash crops The King was not allowing citizens who opposed the Church of England to vote and hold public office
Spain's reason to colonize north America? Spread Christianity to the natives Search for Gold and Treasure
Great Britain's last reason to colonize. England changed from a Catholic nation to the Church of England, which caused many to oppose the change.
France's reason to colonize? Trade and trap fur with the natives
Who was John Rolfe? Married Pocahontas and introduced tobacco to Virginia from the West Indies.
Who came over to Jamestown and made all the colonists work for their food?Why did John Smith return to England? John Smith. He had a gunpowder accident
In 1620 the Pilgrims left for what new territory?Define the three reasons the Pilgrims left Holland for the New World. North America. Their children were losing their English traditions, they had low position jobs, and they were getting paid very little.
In 1609 the Pilgrims left for what country?Name one reason the Pilgrims left Englland Holland. They were being discriminated in England
The Pilgrims were originally aiming for what location when they went to the New World? Jamestown
Which was a goal the Pilgrims had in starting the Colony of Plymouth that was stated in the Mayflower Compact? Spread Christanity
how did squanto help them? He showed them how to plant Indian corn where to fish how to fish and how to use fish remains to fertilize their crops
What act Taxed paper?How do they know people paid the tax for the Stamp Act? Stamp ActThey get a stamp on their paper
Why did they repeal the stamp act? a businessman asked to repeal it
What did the Townshend Acts tax?When were they repealed paper, lead, paint, glass, and tea. After the Boston massacre
What was Great Britain's reaction to the Boston Tea Party? The coercive Acts
What were two of the consequences of the coercive acts? The first consequence is that Boston Harbor is close until they pay for all the tea, the second one is that the Massachusetts Legislature was closed
What were the 3-4 consequences of the coercive acts? A third thing was an British official that had to be tried would be tried in england. The fourth thing is the colonists had to feed and house the British Soldiers it was called the Quartering Act.
What was the last punishment of the coercive acts? The fifth and final consequence is that Governor is replaced by General Thomas Gage
What was the tea act? When would it be repealed? The tea Act the taxes off tea imported into the colonies. Britain gave East India Company a monopoly over the colonies. The Colonists were mad because they realized soon the price of the tea would be going up and they would have to pay for more.
Why did the Boston Massacre start? It was an argument between a British soldier and a Colonial Wig Makers Apprentice
Why did it grow? Group of colonists join the argument and group of British join the argument. Colonists throw snowballs and the British fire into the crowd killed 5 colonists.
What caused the Boston Tea Party? It all started when Britain gave the East India Company a monopoly over the colonists. they colonists got mad and they started a group called the Sons Of Liberty. They dressed up as Mohawk Indians and boarded the ship.They then dumped all the tea.
What was the First Continental Congress?Who did they represent? The Colonists are meeting to discuss the Coercive Acts. It was held at Carpenter's Hall Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Everybody except for Georgia so 12 colonies
What three things did they discuss? Continental Congress decided to continue boycotting British goods. They told the militia to get prepared to fight the British. The Continental Congress sent the King the Declaration of Rights. It was a list of ten rights they deserved as British citizens.
Where does the Second Continental congress meet?What do they decide to do? at Philadelphia. decided to make a Continental army and make George Washington in charge. They authorized the printing of money to pay for supplies. They form a committee to talk to foreign governments for help. They authorized the Olive Branch Petition.
What were the three parts of the declaration of Independence? First-How they should be treated Second-How they were mistreated Third-Breakup
What were the unalienable rights?What were the natural rights? life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness You are born with them and die with them they can't be taken away. They were life, liberty, and property
What battle did the shot heard around the world happen? Lexington and Concord
Summarize the battle Lexington and Concord. The British were going to Concord to get weapons and leaders. Colonists found out and the rode on horse back and said the redcoats are coming. The colonists met them in Lexington. The British won then the colonists did sneak attacks and beat the British.
Which Battle were the colonists not supposed to fire till they see the whites of their eyes? Battle of bunker Hill
Summarize the battle of Bunker Hill. Most of the fighting took place on Breed's hill. The colonists were on the hill but low on ammunition. The British won because the colonists ran out of ammunition.So it was a moral win for the colonists.
Summarize the Battle of Trenton Washington is on the hot seat. So it's the middle of winter and he decides to attack. They go across the Delaware river and they split in two and surround the mercenaries. he ends up winning the battle.
Summarize the Battle of Princeton. Direct result of Battle of Trenton. Cornwallis and Washington set up their camps across the river from each other. Washington leaves in Middle of the night and has Soldiers stay there and start a fire. Washington attacks and wins the battle.
Summarize the battle of saratoga. The British wanted to cup off the North East part of the colonies so they had a general come from Canada and meet the other General. Washington figured this out so he would get close an move away leaving them open for attack and then they surround them.
Highlights of the Battle of sartoga. The colonists won and France becomes allies
Summarize the Battle of Yorktown After the battle of Saratoga the British focus on their efforts in the South. Siege on Yorktown (Americans and french surround the British) They are in Virginia. French Navy cuts off the British escape route.
What ends the American revolution? the Battle of Yorktown
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