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SS Rev. War Patriots

The Patriots from the Revolutionary War

Sam Adams Created Sons of Liberty Born 1722 in Boston Failed at everything except politician Named the Boston Massacre Committees of Correspondence Delegate to the Continental Congress
Paul Revere Leading Silversmith of Boston Part of Sons of Liberty Was a Courier Most famous for engraving of the Boston Massacre Made the midnight ride telling people the British were coming
Patrick Henry*** Attorney known for his fiery speeches The Sam Adams of Virginia Elected to Continental Congress Governor of Virginia *** "Give me Liberty, or give me death" ***
Thomas Paine Came from England Was a writer Wrote 2 pamphlets, Common Sense and The Crisis Washington had The Crisis read to his troops before the Battle of Trenton Common Sense said it was common sense to break away from England
Thomas Jefferson Was a very good lawyer Not a good speaker, but a good writer Elected from Virginia to the CC Main Author of the Dec. of Independence Governor of Virginia during the war 3rd President
John Hancock*** Wealthy Boston Merchant Smuggler Part of Sons of Liberty Elected to 2nd CC Elected President of CC First to sign the Dec. of Independence *** "Now the King can read it without his spectacles and double the price on my head" ***
Nathan Hale*** Spied for George Washington Dressed as a Dutch Schoolteacher Captured and hung the very next day *** "I only regret that I have but one life to give to my country" ***
Created by: carendt76