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Exam Review Social S


What were the 3 countries that colonized America? France, Great Britain, and Spain colonized America.
What was Spain's reason for colonizing America? To search for gold and treasure and to spread Christianity to the natives
What was France's reason for colonizing America? To Trap and Trade fur with the natives
What are the three main reasons for colonizing America? Economic, Religious, and Political reasons
Why did Great Britain colonize North America? -Large amounts of fertile soil for growing cash crops Agriculture -The King wasn't letting citizens who opposed the church to vote or hold office -England changed from a Catholic nation to the CHurch of England, and many opposed the change
Which colonist introduced the first cash crop to Jamestown? John Rolfe
What was a reason in settling in Jamestown first? To find precious metals
What colonist married Powhatan's daughter Pocahontas most likely to create friendly relations between the Europeans and Native Americans? John Rolfe
What year was Jamestown founded? 1607
What colonist forced the colonists to work for their food? John Smith
What year was Plymouth founded? 1620
The Pilgrims were called what before they left England? Separatists
Why did the colonists leave Holland? One reason that the Pilgrims left Holland is that their kids were losing their English culture. Secondly, the Pilgrims had low position jobs. Lastly, they were paid low amounts of money.
What goal was stated in the Mayflower Compact? Spread Christianity. A compact stating that they will do what they asked and they will not disobey the laws without consequences.
How was Squanto vital for the colonists survival? He helped the Pilgrims by being an interpreter for them. He taught them where to fish, how to plant corn, and how to use fish remains as a fertilizer for the crops.
Who was Squanto? Squanto was originally a Patuxet Indian. He was kidnapped He learned English while he was there. He later escaped and returned to his home tribe and found that his tribe had been wiped out by chicken pox. He then joined the Wampanoag tribe.
What did the Townshend Acts Tax? The Townshend Acts taxed glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea
What did the Stamp Act tax? It taxed all paper docs such as: legal documents, newspapers, pamphlets, and playing cards.
What happened with the Boston Tea Party? Sons of Liberty organized the Boston Tea Party. It took three hours to dump the tea. They disguised as Mohawk Indians. They destroyed or dumped or destroyed 45 tons of tea.
What happened with the Boston Massacre? This occurred when a British soldier and a colonist got into an argument and the British troops fired into a crowd of colonist when they began throwing snowballs.
What did the colonists throw during the Boston Massacre? The Colonists start throwing things at the soldiers. They throw snowballs, sticks, and stones. *Tightly packed snowball so it hurts.
What were the Tea Acts? The British East India Company was financially in debt. They gained a monopoly. They Colonists boycotted the idea because they realized once the East India Company got out of debt the prices of tea would be raised. It taxed tea.
What were the 5 acts of the Coercive acts? The Boston Port Act(Closed Boston Port), The Massachusetts Government Act(Took away Charter), The Administration of Justice Act(Go to Britain for trial), The Quartering Act(feed and house soldiers), and Gov Hutchinson is removed of office
Why was the First Continental Congress formed? his is a direct result from the Coercive Acts. They meet in Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 12 out of the 13 showed up, except Georgia. There were 3 things they accomplished were
What did they want to accomplish? They all should continue to boycotting British goods.They told militias to be prepared to fight.Send a document to King George III.This document called a Declaration of Rights.There were 10 rights on this document that said what the colonists should have.
What did the Second Continental Congress do? They decided to form a full army, the Continental Army, George Washington.They pay for supplies by authorizing the printing of money.The committee is formed to deal with foreign countries to ask for help.They attempt peaceful resolution with King.
What was the Declaration of Independence? It was stating the the colonists were breaking away from England. It made the colonies America.
Introduced to tobacco to colonists? John Rolfe
MAJOR BATTLES OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION Lexington/Concord Bunker Hill Trenton Princeton Saratoga Yorktown
When did the battle of Trenton happen? December 1776, Crossing the Delaware-nighttime when they crossed. After the Battle of Bunker Hill
BATTLE OF PRINCETON INFO The battle of Princeton was fought on Friday January, 3, 1777. They fought in Princeton, New Jersey. It was an American victory. It was almost right after the battle of Trenton
What do the British plan to do with the battle of Saratoga? British plan is to cut off the New England or Northeast from the rest of the states -political leaders -shipping industry
Battle of Yorktown info for test? Oct 19, 1781 Combined force of American troops and French troops. After Battle of Saratoga the British focused their efforts in the South.Leaders American: George Washington, Rochambeau(French). Leaders British: Cornwallis. Siege of Yorktown F and A vs. B
Where was Valley Forge and why were they there? Dec 1777 1. Washington winter encampment 2. The americans just lost their capital, Philadelphia in 2 ugly defeats
How was living conditions at Valley Forge? Who came and changed the army? 4. conditions at Valley forge -tight living conditions -low in supplies(Food, and clothing) -disease rate was high (2,000 men were lost or died from disease) -morale was extremely low -Baron Von Steuben
What do the British want to happen in the battle of Saratoga? Oct 7, 1777 1. British plan is to cut off the New England or Northeast from the rest of the states -political leaders -shipping industry 2. British bring G. Burgoyne from Canada to create this separation.
What happens in result of the battle of Saratoga? 5. Oct 7, 1777 Burgoyne tries to escape but fails and surrenders his army. 6. Largest American Victory of the war.
Created by: 19schlabachs
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