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1st Semester Exam

Everything we have covered in the first semester

What were the three countries to colonize North America? (European Countries) Great Britain, Spain, France
What was Great Britain's reason for colonizing North America? 1 large amounts of fertile land for agriculture (cash crop - grown for sole purpose of making money) 2 puritans reform the Church of England, separations - cut all ties with C.E. 3 king discriminates those who refused to join the Church of England
What was Spain's reason for colonizing North America? Economic - searching for gold/ treasures Religious - convert the natives to Christianity
What was France's reason for colonizing North America? Economic - fur trapping and trading with native peoples
When was Jamestown founded? Where? Jamestown Virginia and 1607
What problems did Jamestown face? The James river didn't go up far enough upstream to get away from the salt water.The marsh gave off many disease carrying mosquitoes.People were not willing to work and were relying on Powhatan to give them food but he cut them off.
How old was John Smith when they landed in Jamestown? 26
What was John Smith's position in Jamestown? He was president of Jamestown
Why did he have to return to England early? He had a gunpowder accident and was badly burnt
Was it an accident that the gunpowder burnt him? It is believed to have been on purpose not an accident
After John Smith left how did the conflict over the English taking the land between the English and the Indians change? It got worse
Who was John Rolfe? He was a colonist who married Pocahontas to ease the conflict between the English and the Indians
When did the Pilgrims leave for Holland? 1609
What is Puritanism? The Puritans objected to elaborate the church hierarchies and to church ceremonies and practices that did not have Biblical sanction and put priests above their congregation.
Who were the Separatists? Separatists a religious sect/group that wanted to cut all ties with the Church of England
who were the puritans Puritans a religious sect/group that wanted to reform the Church of England/Catholic Church
who were the pilgrims a group of separatists, left England and went to Holland. They left Holland in 1620 and established a new community in the New World.
why did the pilgrims leave holland They left Holland because their children were losing their English culture and they were given low position jobs and earned very little.
What happened on their journey away from holland they were blown off course and landed in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in November, about to snow. They settled by the Wampanoag tribe. They were lead by Chief Massasoit. Their new community was called Plymouth.
who was Squanto Squanto was a Native American that was kidnapped by one of John Smiths lieutenant. He was taken to England and learned english. He returned to find his whole village was wiped out by the chicken pox. He then joined the Wampanoag tribe.
what did Squanto do Squanto was an interpreter for the Pilgrims. He showed them how to plant crops, where to fish and how to fertilize the fields with fish remains.
what was the mayflower compact an agreement to be obedient of King James if they succeeded in the voyage to make the first colony in the northern parts of virginia
what was the stamp act (1765) on any printed paper material. It must have a London embossed revenue stamp. It was to help pay for troops in north america after the seven years war
what were the Townshend acts (1767)paper paint glass lead tea. to raise money for governors and judges to keep them loyal to GB. Resulted in Boston massacre
what was the tea act (1773) placed on tea. to get a monopoly for the East India Company. resulted in The boston tea party
What was the boston massacre the riot that started the revolutionary war. colonists were angry at the taxes placed. March 5 1770. colonists threw snowballs and taunted the redcoats. British fired into the crowd. 5 colonists killed. The bloody massacre of kings street
what was the boston tea party a group of colonists (sons of liberty) dressed as Mohawk Indians, climbed onto the british ships and dumped the imported tea into the harbor. the result of the tea act and this resulted in the intolerable acts or coercive acts. December 16 1774
What was the first continental congress met in carpenters hall in Philadelphia September 5- October 26 1774. all the colonies but one met. made a shadow revolutionary government and military militias
what was the second continental congress the same as the first cc but they made a colonial army
The first second and third part of the doi are what 1st is how they should be treated 2nd how they were mistreated and 3rd is the break up
Jefferson took place in the doi..... mostly wrote it and had the unalienable rights of the pursuit of happiness.
what is an unalienable right a right given to you at birth and can only be taken away at death
what did john locke create the social contract theory... look at notes
Lexington and concord go look at notes
bunker hill look at meh notes
trenton look at the notes
princeton look at my notes
saratoga go to notes
yorktown go to the notes
Created by: 19AngelS